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Stuti Roy



Stuti Roy


Let the spark not fade...

Let the spark not fade...

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With my best buddy,

I have traveled far and near. 

From my own little snug room,

To places here and places there.

Imbibing in me the spark to serve,

What my dad once said.... I deserve.

That book..... That child...... That mentor,

Who shook in me my heart galore.

And then I embarked towards a journey,

That led me to live a life of eternity.

I don't have grudges,

I love to cross the love edges.

My mentors gave me words of motivation,

That acted as a road to devotion and dedication. 

One said..... U have fire inside you, 

The other said..... One of my Akbar's gems are you. 

My ever guide and mentor was and will be.... 

The great and greater for me than me.... Anne Sullivan. 


She goes with me.... Wherever I go, 

She has stayed on my bedside since I know. 

Serving Frank bestowed her with elation, 

For such deed of hers, I give her a heartfelt ovation. 

A new morning every day, 

When shows me that gate....

Those smiles... Those friendly chats... Those sweet chirrups, 

Give me a reason to cross every staircase. 

Ma'am ma'am is what steers me ahead, 

Those cuddly words... Where were u? Refrains me from rest. 

That chalk and duster has become my ever passion, 

A smart board though can be thought of an addition. 

The love for books, the love for writing, 

I have seen myself grow and prosper. 

We create lives.... we touch lives, 

Sometimes we forget our own lives. 

We may be unhappy... We may be stressed, 

But it makes me ponder... We are back with the same best. 

I have learnt a lot... I m still learning, 

That zeal to share and give I am still yearning. 

A lot may be expected from me... I may expect a lot, 

But dear friends.... Eventually it will favor this tiny lot. 

Then I am forced to think about some, 

Who stand by us in times good or none. 

The ones who have taught us to ignore, 

The petty things which would otherwise make our bonds snore. 

They ever show that word of trust, 

So the feeling of must shall never rust. 

Last and not the least, 

I m here to serve... To give.... To touch... to create..... To mould , 

Their dreams... their they don't behold. 

I just love where I m moving, 

Coz I know their life on us is thriving.

My belief my strength, 

Lie in the words---

Love your self for what you are and what you do, 

Be proud of yourself. 

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