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Lokanath Rath

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Lokanath Rath

Classics Inspirational Others

Journey Of Life....

Journey Of Life....

2 mins 229 2 mins 229

It's a blessing that we had this life,

Better to forget the past, with the best hope to live today, it will be wise.

The past may give us the pains, we don't want to face,

That had taught us lessons from our mistakes.

We had the experience and that's our asset,

We have to achieve our goal by giving our best.

Let us give thanks to the past and say goodbye,

The Journey Of Life is on and never ask how &why.

We will meet many while making this journey,

Some will be relatives, some as friends and some may be funny.

The relations we build are always a part of life,

Some are predetermined and some are of different types.

We had our parents, siblings, and friends, they are always prefixed,

We are lucky to have all of them, which we never want to be missed.

Parents always give their unconditional love and care,

Which none of us can either repay or replace, no one can dare.

Siblings create bonding and attached as a blood relation,

But with time they may grow selfish and sometimes by our actions.

The bonding between siblings will be always there,

But some try to forget and some always remember forever.

Friends are the best gifts ever we have in our life here,

They make our life beautiful always with their smile forever.

Friends make us laugh, dance, sing and enjoy,

They never leave us alone halfway.

Friends never let us feel that we grow older,

They make us feel that age is only a number.

Even we make someone as our best friend,

We get the life partner who never leaves us till the end.

This is a relation, which gives us love and care,

And this inspires us to do things, which no one can dare.

This Journey Of Life is tough and full of struggle,

But it converts all into happiness with the achievement of the goal.

Even in this Journey Of Life, we meet some funny people,

Who neither bother nor care for life and are not serious at all.

They roam around aimlessly without any purpose,

They never understand life and responsibilities to dispose of.

This Journey Of Life starts with our birth,

And this journey gets over on our last breath.

The time of life between birth and death is important,

That depends on our work to be remembered even not being present.

The works of the present decide our future,

So, let us focus on work and if possible change our nature.

Let us make our Journey Of Life more beautiful,

Let it be remembered always by others to make it fruitful.

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