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Ramya R

Action Classics Inspirational


Ramya R

Action Classics Inspirational

India's Peace / Truth

India's Peace / Truth

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Welcome welcome peacefulness in #IforIndia

No volcanoes No earthquakes No quarrels in India

24 hours of water and current supply without fail for all Indian citizens

Implement friendliness among all citizens in #IforIndia as if friends for life

Always satyameva jayathe slogan is famous in India

Unity in diversity motto helps in peacefulness prevalence in #IforIndia

Good business partnerships with longterm relationships with other countries

All citizens dwell peacefully with aadhaar number

Seen many truthful leaders like Mahatma Gandhiji, etc

Many poojas done in all temples in India for festivals and special occasions for its citizen's peacefulness

Environmental welfare activities are taken up by youngsters team such as overcoming air pollution, stop ozone layer depletion, etc.

Mostly India is a safer zone to live

Many prefer India to settle in their old ages of life

Too good in tourism in India helping for its peacefulness

Good and happy citizens in #IforIndia with democracy rule

Good Global Peace Index being 141 #Iforindia 

A high number of literates in India to be peaceful

Many Indians travel to foreign countries for jobs, education, etc and earn there peacefully

Independence day, republic days are greatly celebrated every year in India for its peacefulness

Presidents from the US also participate in these celebrations and support India to be peaceful and powerful

Goodwill children and youngsters to truthful India

Welcome welcome peacefulness in #IforIndia

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