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Ramya R

Fantasy Inspirational Children


Ramya R

Fantasy Inspirational Children

India And Its Greatness

India And Its Greatness

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India and its strengths:

A developing country

Indian culture appreciable in the world

Talented resources pool earning and available in other foreign countries like Singapore, Malaysia, etc

Seen many freedom fighters to finish British rule and being independent of 1947

Has seen bold leaders, popular heroes, famous personalities, from then on, etc

Has popular Carnatic music singers like MS Subbulakshmi and others 

Has seen famous superstar and kamal Hassan as superheroes in cine field and Shahrukh Khan in Bollywood and Hollywood movies

Specially designed limca book of records for Indian achievers

Also, many Indians achieved the US Guinness record entries

Great Nobel prize, oscar award winners from India

Many medals from Olympics achieved by India

Its tie-up with other countries for business

Great days to celebrate like independence day, republic day, children's day, teachers day, etc

Many great persons and poets are born in India like bharathiyar, bharathidasan, etc

Comprised of great gurus like Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, etc

Visit of US and other country presidents to India

Many great awards received by India including this famous quote "sare jahana se accha hindu sita hamara" 

India has seen leaders in many fields and appreciable journey in IT fields

India excelled in many areas of work like sports, education, etc

Indian constitution and politics

Great India!!! Great India!!! Great India!!!

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