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Noorahmed attar

Drama Tragedy Fantasy


Noorahmed attar

Drama Tragedy Fantasy

Selfish Soul

Selfish Soul

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Pictures are escaping the frames,

humming the lyrics of someone else, 

Deserted house honors the loneliness, 

Silence cries out the loudest in my head, 

I wander straight into the fantasy,

When I look around its only pain, 

I swim through the flames,

Burning every day, 

it has started to feel like its healing me inside, 

Every night feels like a new beginning,

A beginning of another nightmare,

I dream of life, a happy one,

Every time I walk towards that light,

It turns out to be a trap,

Brain order me to focus on the good,

But the soul says it's little too much, 

Grief feels like the necessity,

Just like the water in the ponds,

I bang on the doors, 

Colored differently,

In the wish of discovering the one that allows me to find peace,

Days pass, I knock as many,

Haven't found the color that suits me, 

I live as if I am dead,

I stare as if I am stoned,

Sometimes I just cuddle the floor,

find harmony during our conversation through each others reflection,

Reflection of the struggle,

Many walks over us just to reach the other end,

The white marble understands me better than my selfish soul.

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