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Raja Sekhar CH V

Action Others


Raja Sekhar CH V

Action Others

Incompetent Leadership

Incompetent Leadership

2 mins

When the corrupt practices are followed deliberately,

When the awakened top-level leadership sleeps knowingly,

When the developmental practices are stopped willfully,

When the innocent weaker people are tortured very very badly,

When the fundamental rights of people are attacked drastically,

When the healthy economic position of country is attacked extremely,

When the people are cheated with false propaganda chronologically,

When the differences between the rich and poor people increase daily,

When the logical valid questions are suppressed authoritatively,

When the impartial honest journalists are harassed inconsiderately,

When the autonomous offices of government lose their identity slowly,

When the competitive opportunities in businesses are given for few people only,

When the very urgent health services are handed over to private companies unscrupulously,

When the improper cruel injustice wins in presence of judges and courts gloriously,

When the constitutional values and rules of a nation are deviated unlawfully,

When the audit of the financial transactions of the government are not done meticulously,

When the rates of essential commodities and items are increased systematically,

When the savings and purchasing power of people get reduced day by day discourteously,

When higher education and scientific research are halted unreasonably,

When the public financial institutions and banking system collapses extravagantly,

When the illegal scams in the government increase exponentially,

When the unjust so-called leaders control all the power successively,

When the precarious situation in country is left without any solution irresponsibly,

When the false promises of the incompetent leadership show their bad results terrifically,

When the condition of the country goes out of hands of the leader cowardly dastardly,

When there is only loss with the handover of power to illiterate cruel leadership unprecedentedly,

The country just keeps on getting damaged when democracy is attacked dishearteningly!

If this tough situation goes on this way continuously,

The law and order goes out of hand slaughterously asynchronously,

Nothing remains even if the awakening and awareness comes in people retrospectively,

The selection and election of an unlawful leader is a punishment made by people on themselves informatively ]!!

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