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Lundi Mfana



Lundi Mfana


If Love

If Love

2 mins

if love was a rose, I'd sail oceans

seeking to find a seed only reserved for me;

if love was red and white flowers, I'd plant

them for you and water them everyday

so that our love would blossom perpetually

with pearls of eternal bliss

and hues of galaxies of stars that beams eternally.

if love was life, I'd make sure every breath I take

resembles your essence; if love was a jewel

I'd make sure its weaved inside our hearts

so that we would never run out of love;

and our breaths would bear semblances

of our entwined hearts.

if love was a raindrop, I'd make it rain everyday

so that we would bask on those tender and soothing

raindrops, washing off all darkness that obnubilates

and beclouds the paths to our eternal vows;

if love was valentines, I'd make everyday valentine

and adorn with colours of of red and white roses

the ones that enfold with the sunsets;

and unfolds with the sunrises

so that there's no obscurity that forays

and plunders the sweetness of our companion

if love was a place, it would be our heaven

our home would cite there, surrounded

by Berlin walls to ensure of no marauders

it would be adorned with colours of spring

the scent of honey, the buzzing of nature

and the sweetest sound of songbirds;

we would be king and queen of love,

our lands would be covered with greener

grasses and cut by endless streams of pure

waters that caries the legacy of our love

but firstly would you be my valentine?

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