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"Winter A Sweet Liar"

"Winter A Sweet Liar"

2 mins

Yet again it arrived, laden with a zillion of fake promises, 
in a deep anguish, almost wheezing, freezing, but mesmerizing & entwined in its spell.

It has almost arrived, this time with countless tales of the uncountable flashes of the past; 
it came to clatter against the heart and to shatter it into pieces.

It’s the same winter I used to call it a sweet liar,
used to fill the days with the beautiful color;
soothing breeze, fresh fragrance, enchanting melody,

Sweet promises & candid moments of ease,
while waiting for hours, flowers were blooming, birds were chirping,

Cool breeze was passing by rustling through the leaves,
A heavenly relief, a shower of bliss & those were the moments of glee,

Smiling face, twinkling eyes, endless dreams that has faded away.

Now it has almost arrived, but I am scared of it,
It’s knocking hard the doors of the heart,
I am trying to cover myself up,
with a promise not to touch till it touches my heart.

Now it’s a nightmare, the dreams have lost its ways,

The dazzling lights have dimmed almost,

And the distance has made the paths apart.

The soothing breeze is now more excruciating;

Every gust gives endless pain, fills the heart with the memoirs of the past.
Soggy eyes with broken heart, unspoken words with deep sagacity of love,

An endless effort not to cry, but it drizzles out like unseasonal rain,

Fills me with numbness pain.


The gesture of the grasses and leaves rustling,

not rustling but mocking at me & reminding me of my vanquish,
They are just smiling at me, to make my heart up and down; 
to turn and twist me the birds are singing, flowers are blossoming,

Making my heart crying aloud followed by an echo of strange silence.
I get obsessive & again start running after those dreams, those birds and breeze,
thinking that it comes from the heaven of love,

Every rustle of breeze touching the feet of love,
But I wake up and find myself in the land past,
Yet again it arrived,

“Winter a sweet liar”.

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