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dinshaw KARANJIA



dinshaw KARANJIA


The Wandering & Wondering Hearts

The Wandering & Wondering Hearts

3 mins

Here is the story of K and D,

As confusing as one can ever be.

Through the matrimonial site, met in a cafe one day,

And the next whole year COVID had its say.

They exchanged voice and video calls,

About COVID, relations, past highs, and falls.

A year later, at the same cafe they met again.

Continuing to explore each other's brains.

D understood that verses him K was very different,

Even when she denied it, she was comparatively affluent.

Her past was simple as her parents,

But her adventure had a difference.

D explained that he liked her luminous photo so much

With her eyes so kind, he wanted to hug and touch her.

And while D feared her affluent lifestyle

K convinced him to check after dating for a while.

So, they met in cafes and restaurants and gardens.

Knowing of her experience, D was lifted of his burden.

Unfortunately, soon pandemic struck closer at K's dad,

She cut herself as she got busy, and his situation got bad.

A day before New Year’s Day he passed away,

Never having lost a house member, this was new for K.

As she and her family came to terms with their sorrow,

D realized that the grief was not just for the past but also for tomorrow.

In the following weeks, they met in cafes and cars, restaurants, and below a banyan tree,

Also, on a terrace with a view as serene as can be.

K had got their horoscope matched to D's surprise,

As D wanted her to realize that he was unlike her earlier guys.

While the balance in her materialistic lifestyle tilted in her favor,

Her search for spirituality provided D a way to her.

D later realized that he was dating Deepika from an ad,

Giving is not about just money, but time, effort, and self like her dad.

After a few weeks of phone calls, K felt unwell,

Then out of the blue, a call, a misunderstanding, and the 'relationship' fell.

D did not know what it was all about, but it was unsettling his soul,

It bothered, 'ek din mit jayenga maati ke mol, jag reh jayenge pyare tere bol'.

D approached K to continue amicably as friends,

And it worked wonderfully and tied all loose ends.

Then K asked if they could give their 'relationship' another chance,

D was sure what he loved about K, but not what he brought to the romance.

K answered D's honesty, some simplicity, and humility,

But what puzzled D was what she meant by providing stability.

This was a phase which was meant to bring them closer,

But they hardly met in this phase, and D felt a void.

After watching 83, he wished he had seen it with K,

He saw her from below as if destiny could not avoid.

Even when K wanted stability, she did not feel the same,

And it fizzled out soon and an abrupt end came.

As both moved on, D had interactions with other females,

While they were pleasant and stable experiences, there were no tales.

D approached K again to check as to him she was his calling ‘sahi’

Like 'tere bina zindagi se shikwa toh nahi, tere bina zindagi bhi lekin zindagi toh nahi'.

Based on earlier true predictions, they approached for starry intervention,

By the end of which D was certain this was the end and no intermission.

After consecutive two days of not looking at K's profile, D was moving ahead,

When out of the blue K called at night, and D could not come to terms with what she said.

They met to clarify. D asked K to take time to decide as she tended to vacillate.

K had not yet expressed her call and left it to 'I want you to be happy' and fate.

This is a tale of two hearts.

K who is fast, affluent, a rolling stone gathering no moss,

living life queen-size and moving on once apart,

She is The Wandering Heart.

D is simple and caring, looking out for his calling,

Reminiscing that he has not expressed love to any woman as he had for K,

Pondering if the affluent K will get his simple desires one day,

For lying has never been his art,

He is The Wondering Heart.

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