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I Hope....Someday

I Hope....Someday

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The whole town is in sleep so deep,

But someone is still awake, though caught in the nip

Of the cold night. Sleepless, sleepless pen goes on,

The pen goes on until the dawn.

The writer goes on, expressing his grief,

Grief for the kaput system, coming from the deep.

The hands are still, holding the pen,

Writing down about how the Hermes has fallen in a fen.

Once knowledge was for free but not now, Why?

Finding out the reasons, the writer's imaginations are going out of the dye.

Shocking, the more he seeks the more reasons appear,

Behind the corruption in education, and in the shear.

Renowned and moderate, which is good or bad,

Now there are choices for the student, truly that’s sad.

No chance for the looser, only a single piece of paper

To decides the future and there are only chances for the winner.

To sprout and to nurture, a huge cost has to pay,

Though my writer believes that knowledge will be for free one day.

One day these sprout plants will be grown up and be fruitful,

And there will be no discrimination between subjects in any school.

The money will no more gain power over knowledge,

Cause knowledge will purify every man into sage.

The dark night has passed, it’s time to see the dawn.

The better future is coming from the present spawn.

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