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I Am Already Dead

I Am Already Dead

2 mins

I am a book of untold stories, not those you would wish to read

The plot has become too complex, covered in tears that once did bleed

What once was a journal, has become an entity of the hell inside my head

I do not cry nor bleed no more as inside I'm already dead

I do not want to feel, breathe, dream or even die in case I live again

My demons never release me, no matter what I do they always will remain

I'm screaming for help that I have now realised will never appear

Is their meaning to living when of living is what I most fear

Now every breath I take feels like my heart shatters over and over again

Not anything else I have ever experienced will ever compare to this pain

I'm lost in darkness and trapped in a cage with no key

The hopelessness and utter defeat makes it impossible to be free

When my shackles have been created by my own suffering there is no liberty

An eternity of the most profound and darkest nonexistence is all I see

When your past, present and future all become one everlasting unbearable hell

My very soul is destroyed and I am a shadow of that girl who once fell

I really do wish my story had a happy ending that would make my book hold some meaning

The only merit of these dark pages are their honesty, the truth of how I am feeling

So now you have started to read my book, be careful now you turn to the next page

As the pain within is real and it too could become your torturous cage

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