Midnight Mystry



Midnight Mystry


World Of Books...

World Of Books...

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The beautiful fragrance enticed me

The mesmerizing words that set me free

Countless things that I learnt from it

Hours together I spend reading it,

When finally with myself I meet.

I also make a lot of friends

When I fall down, a hand to me they lend

Whether it be Harry, Catniss, Thomas or Sherlock

Whether it be in magical world of Hogwarts,

Capitol or Panem

Or it could be a mysterious maze, where deadly griver stays

Or maybe it’s the Baker’s street where no crime can fleet

It is my best friend whom I can trust the most

Because however lonely I get or when I cry almost

It makes sure to comfort me.

Where under the dim lamp I drift asleep.

In the morning it’s the first thing I see by my pillow.

Or probably in my dreams under the willow

I can sit by the window, or on a bench, under the tree, or in my room’s nook

Because there is no bad place to read a book…

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