Crack Of Dawn

Crack Of Dawn

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Tick, Tock, Tick,

My alarm woke me.

When I realized it was Sunday,

I was filled with glee.

It felt like a mile,

Just to reach the bay,

I woke up early just to see the Sun lighten up the day.

Birds started chirping,

Cattle started grazing,

The panorama felt more enchanting as the night was fading.

I stood there, mesmerized,

As though in trance.

Not bothered about breakfast.

Or about removing my glance.

The trees started waving,

As if to greet me.

The bees began buzzing,

To create a melody.

A doe and her fawn were playing around,

While a puny prey was hiding from a feral Greyhound.

As my eyes moved,

I saw an anthill.

The ants' tiny feet scurried up the hill.

The day went brighter,

As the Sun went higher.

Then the Sun went so high that it shone marvelously,

The brightness added beauty to the day wondrously.

Suddenly my mom called me to have porridge with whey,

With a heavy heart, I was ready to call it a day.

Now I wake up early everyday just to see the crack of dawn before my eyes,

I would sacrifice my time just to hear the enthralling morning animal cries.

I get hypnotized by the early morning scent,

Crack of Dawn is indescribable except that it is quite resplendent.

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