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Goliath Of Gath

Goliath Of Gath

3 mins

YE martial pow'rs, and all ye tuneful nine,

Inspire my song, and aid my high design.

The dreadful scenes and toils of war I write,

The ardent warriors, and the fields of fight:

You best remember, and you best can sing

The acts of heroes to the vocal string:

Resume the lays with which your sacred lyre,

Did then the poet and the sage inspire.

Now front to front the armies were display'd,

Here Israel rang'd, and there the foes array'd;

The hosts on two opposing mountains stood,

Thick as the foliage of the waving wood;

Between them an extensive valley lay,

O'er which the gleaming armour pour'd the day,

When from the camp of the Philistine foes,

Dreadful to view, a mighty warrior rose;

In the dire deeds of bleeding battle skill'd,

The monster stalks the terror of the field.

From Gath he sprung, Goliath was his name,

Of fierce deportment, and gigantic frame:

A brazen helmet on his head was plac'd,

A coat of mail his form terrific grac'd,

The greaves his legs, the targe his shoulders prest:

Dreadful in arms high-tow'ring o'er the rest

A spear he proudly wav'd, whose iron head,

Strange to relate, six hundred shekels weigh'd;

He strode along, and shook the ample field,

While Phoebus blaz'd refulgent on his shield:

Through Jacob's race a chilling horror ran,

When thus the huge, enormous chief began:

"Say, what the cause that in this proud array

"You set your battle in the face of day?

"One hero find in all your vaunting train,

"Then see who loses, and who wins the plain;

"For he who wins, in triumph may demand

"Perpetual service from the vanquish'd land:

"Your armies I defy, your force despise,

"By far inferior in Philistia's eyes:

"Produce a man, and let us try the fight,

"Decide the contest, and the victor's right."

Thus challeng'd he: all Israel stood amaz'd,

And ev'ry chief in consternation gaz'd;

But Jesse's son in youthful bloom appears,

And warlike courage far beyond his years:

He left the folds, he left the flow'ry meads,

And soft recesses of the sylvan shades.

Now Israel's monarch, and his troops arise,

With peals of shouts ascending to the skies;

In Elah's vale the scene of combat lies.

When the fair morning blush'd with orient red,

What David's fire enjoin'd the son obey'd,

And swift of foot towards the trench he came,

Where glow'd each bosom with the martial flame.

He leaves his carriage to another's care,

And runs to greet his brethren of the war.

While yet they spake the giant-chief arose,

Repeats the challenge, and insults his foes:

Struck with the sound, and trembling at the view,

Affrighted Israel from its post withdrew.

"Observe ye this tremendous foe, they cry'd,

"Who in proud vaunts our armies hath defy'd:

"Whoever lays him prostrate on the plain,

"Freedom in Israel for his house shall gain;

"And on him wealth unknown the king will pour,

"And give his royal daughter for his dow'r."

Then Jesse's youngest hope: "My brethren say,

"What shall be done for him who takes away

"Reproach from Jacob, who destroys the chief.

"And puts a period to his country's grief.

"He vaunts the honours of his arms abroad,

"And scorns the armies of the living God."

Thus spoke the youth, th' attentive people ey'd

The wond'rous hero, and again reply'd:

"Such the rewards our monarch will bestow,

"On him who conquers, and destroys his foe."

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