Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Shishir Mishra

Children Inspirational Tragedy


Shishir Mishra

Children Inspirational Tragedy

Dark Scenes Behind Success

Dark Scenes Behind Success

3 mins

I had a dream a very big ambition,

I had to reach the concealed ignition,

As a giant tree evolved from so small a seed,

So small a seed that No one has fancied,


I was flying too high,

And as I fell I cried and sighed,

Some day came that made me a complete selfish,

That I could chop every hurdle for my task to accomplish,


Every hurdle with any value any worth,

Would be stabbed and packed in the respective berth,

All this was to be the best,

So I left everything, everything which is called rest,


And one day came the day I waited,

The day which many sleepless night created,

The day was embellished with magnificent money,

But internally it had busted cacophony,


It was the only one to celebrate the victory,

That it thought would make a history,

I can't tell how I am living in this desolated form,

The man is crying in solitude who defeated the storm,


In spite of breaking others if I got hurt,

Is this success?

In spite of a Bonnie botany if I became desert,

Is this success?


My heart is beating hard,

Not because of feelings but to hurt me,

To show me that with moral I always was a yard,

It's beating me not as its duty but to inquire me,


In spite of making money if you lost your health,

Is this success?

In spite of winning the race if you ignored the downtrodden,

Is this success?


Today as I see back No one calls me from behind,

But I miss my mother who always cared me,

A mother who died to see his son so blind,

So blind to forget the father who prepared me,


Who could not go out without me on the shoulder,

This was the man who was waiting to meet,

A business man who was expecting warmth from a smolder,

Without you two pillars this giant roof is incomplete,


But alas! Life is the flowing water of river,

You can't touch the same water twice,

You can't have the moments that are delivered,

The flow that passed never comes back it has no price,


Time and situation are the two most powerful warriors,

Actually situation teaches what to do and time what to do,


Today no money makes me happy,

No facilities gives me relief,

My life has become a dumb crappy,

I need your memories to solve my grief,


My grief my grief is what sweeps,

You two and all those who I love now,

Not for profit not for income not for my greed,

How can I exist without you you are my bough,

 But it was my fault of ruining our garden and growing my weeds,

But what can I do now?

I can say sorry but I can't change the story,

What can I do now?

 It's hard to forget someone who gave you so much to carry,

So much I had carried along with my brother,

He was not just a human but the key of my relief,

But in spite of my own work I did mistake another,

I was unaware and accuser,

What can I do now I can't myself skip,

I wish I could turn back time and alter,

To find my mistake sooner and realise my slip,

And love my life my mother my father my brother longer,

Today I have a lot of zilch bracelets in my hands,

But still I weep for the precious threads,

That my sister used to tie for his lovable brother,

So lovable a brother to find a time,

To love her to tease her to play with her,

I will always be pleading God

This feeling is not as good as I thought,

So don't make me such a good man

Don't make me such a good man.

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