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Saranya Bhattacharjee

Romance Tragedy Fantasy


Saranya Bhattacharjee

Romance Tragedy Fantasy



3 mins

In a lonely corner of a crowded playground,

A girl stood alone, her eyes looking around.

Wishing for friends, she clasped her hands together,

Everyone else played in groups, ignoring the girl in the corner...

In the middle of such a lonely world,

One day, a figure approached the girl-

It was a boy who said he wanted to be her friend,

The girl was confused for no one had bothered until then.

The boy came to meet her every day, unlike her lonesome past,

And with all the moments piling up, the magic was cast.

"Would you call my name? Would you be with me forever?"

The boy simply laughed as he put his hand in hers.

"All my life, I must have been treading this path of mistakes just to meet you..."

And as the boy spoke, his warmth almost made tears spill over,

"Would it be possible to spend eternity just laughing with you?"

"Would it be alright to just hold onto your hand like this forever?"

The boy granted all the girl's wishes and her loneliness decreased,

And gradually, the laughter in that quiet corner of the playground increased.

" Can I ever thank you enough? For being my first friend,

I promise you, I will make sure to wait, no matter when...."

Slowly the girl's parents started to get concerned,

While others looked at her with scorn,

Why was she always at the playground?

Talking and playing while there was no one around?

"Why does everyone discourage me from seeing you?

How come they suddenly care when I'm friends with you?

Being around people is unbearable, even in the middle of a crowd, I still feel so lonely

So won't you come and see me already? won't you call my name gently?"

"All that I wished for was granted by you...

And yet why do I feel as though there's something I'm missing?

Is it the magic that can only be cast by you?

Why is it that no one can see you when you are with me?"

The girl started becoming more afraid,

As the boy was coming to her less,

"Is it something I did? Are all the stares and hushed voices irritating?"

"Why do you seem so... distant? Is our friendship already fading?"

The boy seemed sadder every time and the magic seemed to be running out already

As the boy faced her one day, the girl felt her nightmare turn to reality-

"You were my friend when no one could see me, you held my hand when no one cared...

But all things must come to an end, please always remember the memories we shared..."

The girl broke down as she cried, "please stay, don't go-"

Stooping to give the girl a hug, the boy smiled, "the spell will break if I don't-

"I need to bid you farewell, you have your entire life ahead, so you will grow up and forget about me

...and as you do even this pain will cease to hurt, for I'm always with you, even when I leave"

The boy was always meant to go, for he was an escape which never meant to exist,

And as the reality hit the girl, the tears ran down as her mind clogged up with all the memories,

"Even if you were all in my head, I simply wanted to hold onto you...

I will never forget your voice and your laughter, so won't you come and meet me again?

You were there for me, my first friend, so I won't ever forget you,

Won't you call my name? I promise to wait in this corner of the playground, always...."

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