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Are we really qualified enough to offer forgiveness?

We are also ones who sometimes make complete mess.

"You did that wrong, you need to apologise."

Due to this torture, some are just too afraid to socialise.

Why every deed, every action need to be judged?

Can't we be carefree birds without being opposed?

Why only close friends, relatives will understand?

Even though right...why strangers by your side can't stand?

Is person asking to apologise really deserve it?

Think thoroughly about that demand before giving in.

Deliberate wrong words, deeds should be atoned at all cost,

But, some words, things could also go wrong when you feel so lost.

Everyone needs to be clear about criteria for asking to apologise.

Some will forgive just like that and some will ask unnecessarily to rationalise.

Don't let hurtful words and deeds of others affect your generosity,

Shower even them with understanding... affection...enlightening them to divinity.

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