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trisha nidhi



trisha nidhi


Flight Beyond Limits

Flight Beyond Limits

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The of the white cocoon

Stuck on the olive green venations

My eyes winking at nature's smile

Awaited for life to sprout

With all my senses scout

The inch of breach holding my breath.

Breath, yes the first breath

Did the large-eyed creature took,

My senses going awry

Wasn't this the purest creation

Of thy lord. And then was a

Topsy turvy life with hitches all naive.

Naive bends, sharp edges

The roads beginning to hinder

With emboldened rocks and ledges.

This breath was now an engine

already uprooting the peril wedges,

But the mist of disheartening smeared.

Smeared was a fear of loss

A lost expression of purpose

A baffled group of bees

Hiding all my desires in its hive.

The warmth of sunrays and

The magnificence of the moon was all gone.

Gone were those days

The seed of commitment was

now sown. Watering the synaptic

connections with poise

Nurturing it with lauds to rise

The plant of confidence emerged on the terrain.

The terrain after steeping thy efforts

Chose the destiny to fly

The wings I chose, galloped

All previous woes. The reddish tinge

On the blue sky

Ready to elope With fully fuelled try.

Try try try, for every fall, wrote

An epiphany of new heights

Built the valor to take off flight beyond limits.

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