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Anukriti Soni

Abstract Drama Others


Anukriti Soni

Abstract Drama Others

End Of a Toxic Friendship!

End Of a Toxic Friendship!

3 mins 278 3 mins 278

For all my life,

I relied on a beautiful person, 

So open to me, so close to me.

Each morning I would wake up, and hit upon her

Such a great companion.

We were like two halves of a full piece.

So emended in each other,

Nobody else needed.

From childhood, to adulthood,

Long years of togetherness.

No matter who comes and goes she was always there.

But life is never the same.

Storms do hit us and thunderclouds are real, 

And yes not every forever is a forever.

No matter how much you think you know someone inside out,

No one is completely open, no one is really close to us.

We were together in a moment,

And in another, we were apart.

She lost or rather left.

She was close to me but felt so apart.

My reaction was to give time to things,

But time doesn't heal everything, sometimes it scratches further.

And then followed the process of separation, 

From being forever together to forever apart,

I could visualize her moving away with every passing second,

Oh! How hard I tried to hold on,

Keeping everything aside,

But one day my ears felt dumb,

When I heard that I didn't put effort, so I stopped putting all.

I was accused, I was humiliated, I was belittled.

Turmoil happened, tears rolled.

It felt as if the person had a mask of dust on her face,

the mask faded with the pertaining rain of needs.

The need to be center of attraction, the need to be the dominating one,

the need to be superior, and the need to be most loved.

The person whose silence I used to understand, called be less understanding,

The person whose pain was always a priority for me, even above my own bleeding, called me a victim player.

The person who used to open up her heart in front of me, called her decision of not opening up.

The person who used to release her stress in front me accused me of adding anxiety to her life.

A clear point was made, I am not enough. And her problems need other people.

But what about my issues? That was never a matter of concern. 

My issues no matter how big were stupid and pity for her. 

Finally a final Goodbye was bid, not good at all but certainly not bad completely.

After her departure, I felt free.

I felt light.

The baggage of toxic friendship was released. 

A only give relationship from my side and only take relationship from her side has ended.

Days after I realized that so much of my energy is now being saved.

That some real well-wishers are waiting for me.

That not every long term relation is meant to be stretched, the moment you feel like being taken for granted, leaving is the best end.

That my mental health deserves attention,

And most important that I CAN BE HAPPY ON MY OWN.

One lesson is here to stay now,

No matter what only you can deal with your problems, but God provides people to make the journey easy.

So even without anyone you are full in your own self.

Gear up, and make it happen.

And don't worry about decluttering of people from your life,

God will remove them ones he hears the conversations that you don't.

And ones the dark people are gone, light will surely warm you up.

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