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Priya Singh

Drama Tragedy


Priya Singh

Drama Tragedy



2 mins 145 2 mins 145

With a happy face, she wakes her son;

Sleeping on the bare land in an open sky.

Every day she creates the same hope, for the day of the feast;

When they will sleep on a bed with a full stomach.

The boy covered in the dust, with a cloth hanging on his skin from days,

Wakes up whining that she always says the same thing.

In the city of hopes and dreams where everyone is chasing behind something

Overlook the sidewalks and the footpaths.

Maybe they were also the remnants of some dreams, left far behind in the race, ended up on street.

Or the victim in a chain of leaders, politicians, debts, and loans begging for water in this desert

Or else...

She hides her pain behind those smiles and imitates her son whining.

She carefully warns him not to run on the roads and stay with her while picking from those garbage heaps.

The boy with a naughty smile gives a nod; that smile, the only hope of her to live.

Tears form in her eyes and she tries to find peace in those bright eyes,

Those eyes......gleams with dreams, the boy is still unwary of the chains they were captivated by.

Seeing an airplane flyover, he points in the sky and says to her mom...one day I will drive that and will take you everywhere.

Mother smiles at her son's dreams, bury those tears deep and tries to live his fantasy looking up in the sky.

Suddenly a horn brings her to reality.

Hundreds of dreams cross these roads every day, hundreds of dreams die every day.

Is it fate or the lack of passion or else the situations?

She cannot figure out...their fate was not in their favor from a long way back

Neither their condition they are living in affords his dream.

Talking about passion...it follows the path of the dream; once the dreams die..passion dies;

And the ancestral burden she carries on her head is sure to kill his dreams, the way they killed hers.

She looks at the sky...the plane was gone.

She looks at her son, smiles again and brushes his hair;

Still struggling in her thoughts, whether she should tell him the reality or let him live those dreams...

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