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Debasish Majumder

Abstract Tragedy Inspirational


Debasish Majumder

Abstract Tragedy Inspirational

Devastation And Innovation Are Synonymous?

Devastation And Innovation Are Synonymous?

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I am a delivery boy

I deliver food, beverages, and various item with coy

I have to work within a given timeframe

I am constantly working to sustain my livelihood

I am the nucleus of my family

They all desperately depend on me

I am continuously striving

Only to bring happiness to those closest people

Who is looking at me for their wellbeing

I am in a continuous motion to keep their happiness in rhythm.

I have seen numerous faces

Who are incapable to keep up with the required pace

They just die in utter disgrace

What a disaster coming down which we are experiencing in this digital age

Where no human I am finding to lodge my complaint about redress!

Alone I face stiff competition in the quiver

For the sake of incentive, I ran to deliver

If I fail to render my service in time

I will be responsible for the delay and have to pay the penalty with utter dismay

I request my client to give me a five-star rating for my convenience

I am running day and night

Where I do not feel fatigued owing to my gruesome flight.

Presently my company is also making innovative measure

They wanted to replace me with machines who can comfortably deliver

Without human touch

People can get their services at their doorstep

For a few fortunate peoples convenience

Technology is designed to serve them at their behest

I am always in jittery

If machines replace me, how will I pull out my livelihood daily?

Technology is now ruling the world which is apparent

Human’s ability is largely being curtailed by its inherent strength

I wonder what would eventually be the fate of the mass

How they will cope up and exist in this intriguing universe

Where heat, pressure, force, and motion

Configuring our design with an amazing equation!

If I fail to align with the motion

Wheels on which I am traveling and maintaining a balance devoid of any emotion

Abruptly it could conclude my journey of life without much cacophony

I am just walking on a string which can any moment bring huge disharmony

None will script my obituary

Soon I will become oblivious to many

Despite they could comprehend my unbearable plight just to maintain a lively symphony!

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