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Dejected Day

Dejected Day

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Today I'm not going to cry about my life, I won't attempt to make it about me any longer,

Today I'll assume liability, of the considerable number of things I make a decent attempt to disregard,

Today you won't locate this wrecked soul, or of how my heart is out of luck,

Today I'll attempt to tune in to the words, and take in the realities I have escaped.

Today regardless I'm stating sorry, for something I keep on childishly did,

Today I give back this compassion, that I have looted from both of you.

Recently I lost my direction, yesterday I left you, young ladies, miserably pausing,

Yesterday was never about my misfortune, yet what you lost while I stayed here discussing,

Tomorrow perhaps I'll have done half enough, to make right an inappropriate of me,

Tomorrow I trust and implore, tomorrow the opportunity to make the family it's expected to be.

Today I state I'm heartbroken, today those words are never again unfilled,

Yesterday is gone and past,

Today I concede I'm wrong so tomorrow quite possibly I'll be the dad I never could be.

When you feel I've earned that chance,

What's more, never again make this agony about me,

I plan to be allowed to be an explanation,

In your life to be glad.

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