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Revolutionize India's governance. Click now to secure 'Factory Resets of Governance Rules'—A business plan for a healthy and robust democracy, with a potential to reduce taxes.

Indira Mishra



Indira Mishra


Daughters are gifts of god always

Daughters are gifts of god always

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Daughters are gifts of god

mothers feel proud for daughters always. 

boys are born more to be extrovert, energetic, sporty ,,

off course girls are not weak, delicate too ,,,

other fields they excel from boys in spontaneity of speech, expression, artistic skills, extremely creative, intelligent too ,,, 

They excel in all, professional like medicines, engineering, accountancy, administration, army, police ..

all physical hazardous works they perform perfectly without faults, 

while performing perfectly the duties of mother's role ,,

incompetency, inefficiency inability unskilled works are not their part ,, 

taking care of in laws as well as mother's family so ,,,

they are perfect, practical in all respect ,,

They are caring sensitive being brought up with good habits ,,,

they have virtues of ideal citizenship ,,,

struggling hard in their lifes to achieve success ,,, 

they are creative passionate, pleasant, soft graceful, beautiful creation of God., ,,

One thing why I am writing this note because all parents must feel proud for their daughters so ,,,

It is the blessing of god in disguise to bring up a girl child ,, who gives the parents one opportunity to serve a daughter who is the most delicate but hard like iron in her determination in achieving her goal ,,,,, 

She is the blessing of god, carrying very beautiful loving caring mind with soft passionate heart. 

Yes time has it's own impact on girls lifes as they are expected to be stronger determined like boys to be the best performers in their lifes excelling all gender differences that exist so, ....... 

they strive hard to earn for the survival of the best. 

They are not challengers for parents. 

sometimes parents take the daughters as challengers, 

they want to see their daughters must study more, 

efficient capable more ,,,

they take them as challengers competitors,

they donot like simple, delicate lifes of their mothers,

they get more struggling, stressful, competitive challenging lifes than their mothers or fathers, .....

sometimes they get frustration if they cannot share their problems, mental stress comfortably with their mothers so ,,

if they hide their distress, strifes, stress helplessness from their parents so ,,

one thing here I want to say ,, parents are fortunate enough if they bring up one girl child providing her all facilities like higher education, proper nutritious food and other miscellaneous,

it is called daughters are goddess or laxmi in our house in all books holy religious so ,,, 

once we give marriage to daughters we get divine blessings of god, ....

when parents see the grand son or daughter of her daughter, they go to heaven so, ..... 

daughters should never feel formal with their parents, 

even they do hundred of mistakes, vices but it is the duty of the parents to excuse a daughter's mistakes ..

always giving her chances to realize her mistakes. 

daughters donot have their duties towards their parents or in laws I don't say ,,,,

doing their duties if a daughter hides her problems in disguise of her vanity self ego, prestige consciousness of not giving problems to the parents ,,

then the life of the parents go to hell,

their sacrifices, penance, holiness go to dust if they could not help their daughters in their miseries or needs. 

If the daughter could not believe or felt shame, shy, hatration, humiliation, any complex not to be the burden or problems for her parents then ,,

it is considered as a vice or crime or tragedy for the parents ,, 

who were deprived of getting again the godly or divine opportunity of performing their parental duties again, 

what the god had given them once more,

I also agreed to the same duties or obligations on the part of daughters, ....

should they ignore the sentiments of their parents ,, or they should not deprive of their parent's duties for their daughters as a token of love attachment whatever sense we can define so., 

they should not deny their gifts in any form,

it is like money, gifts or food or cloth or anything as a token of their love, .....

Now a days all have money, but we have developed lack of obligation, duties, moral sense, attachment, feelings of sacrifices moral obligations, words of holy books or epics, that is why daughters are gifts of gods, blessings of god...

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