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Indira Mishra

Classics Fantasy


Indira Mishra

Classics Fantasy



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Artist’s color

What a sprinkle of color,    

Created the fusion of several colors,                         

Like a rainbow attract our minds to see again and again,                   

Entering inside nature,                                

Flowing the colors as a fountain                 

Blending of colors with a mystic imaginative vision,                      

Colors are pouring like a fountain as if,                            

Of loving thoughts filling our hearts with friendship love                  

Looks like a rainbow, Indra Dhanush,                       

Some times mixing with divine hues insight, 

Enlightenment of knowledge,                         

Ecstasy for the attainment of the supreme soul,                       

The fusion of both yellow-orange hues,                        

Against the dark shadow,                   

Darkness coming from dark,                                 

Towards enlightenment from ignorance,           

The rays of sun in a corner fall,                               

On the surface of blue water reflects,                              

Sky and heaven mingle,                   

The dazzling light of the sun gives hope,                           

For the beginning of new life.                   

Neither a mirage nor a miracle,               

Falling like a rainbow,                      

Never deceives human perception            

Paints the color of nature                                  

Green valley, dense forest, foggy air, fresh fragrant flowers, shining sun,                

Blue sky, blue ocean, along with the portrait of that lonely woman

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