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Debasish Majumder

Abstract Inspirational Others


Debasish Majumder

Abstract Inspirational Others

Confusing Duel Between Heart And Mind!

Confusing Duel Between Heart And Mind!

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A potter is making amazing craftwork with clay

A painter is painting a stunning picture with the myriad hues on his tray

Our hearts quiver in gay

Hardly we could envisage our mind does have a sensible say

The vibration and the motion we are primarily driven by

Unable to determine the trajectory we are forced to align by!


We instantly invoked to mesmerize us

The milieu which appeals us to dance in the chorus

The pump which we christened as heart

It makes all difference in rapt

Immediately it starts to increase its action

Making amazing reflections in our cerebral with jubilation

To distinguish brain’s supremacy with distinction!


We may fail to realize

It is our heart that first starts to work

When we are in our mother’s fetus at stark

Enabling all our bodily organs to work with required nutrients to grow

When it fails to work, we are forced to conclude our mundane journey

Heart alone script our obituary from nature’s floor unceremoniously!


The human heart is an expression of fusion

Two opposite characters reconcile to make such a grand rendition

Hardly majority could envisage

The heart itself bears the testimony of evolution since time immemorial

From two chambers to three and subsequently four

How nature’s intriguing design displays varied creatures to explore its floor in galore!


In our human social milieu, we alone declare our supremacy with its presence in grandeur

Which perhaps only humans can construe with a conscious endeavor with candor

We do experience how big fish eat small fish just to sustain themselves with glee

Predator and prey is the only condition to manifest 

Just to substantiate its very subsistence in haste

Big businessmen jeopardize small ones and forcing to extinct

How could we mop up the historical precedence which does in our D.NA? exist?


The evolution of the heart itself is a continuous process

Which reflect sometimes when we act like sheer heartless

How could we realize

Our past propound on us and trigger us merely to eclipse our traditional surmise

We cannot envisage we do sometimes act like headless

Crafting a milieu of our own to prove we are sometimes utterly senseless!

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