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Shubhangi Kotwal

Romance Fantasy Children


Shubhangi Kotwal

Romance Fantasy Children

Astonishing Dream

Astonishing Dream

1 min

It was my college tour,

   With many students and teachers

I was so enthusiastic and excited

   Our journey started by luxury bus 

It was full moon night of winter 

   Too much cool was outside 

But inside the bus felt warmth


Our journey started with few songs 

  And we were all shouting with joy 

Driver switched off the lights 

   Just the dim lights and moonlight

 Slowly all calmed down,

   When I too entered into thoughts,

And could hardly keep my eyes open 

It was dawn, sunshine everywhere 

Saw some small kids playing

In colorful winter wears, loose hair 

 And with their smiling faces 

I was in sweater and a long skirt 

 My face was glowing and 

eyes were shining, I looked carefree 

My hair dancing in the wind, 

  I looked like a beautiful princess, 

Children started shouting with joy,

. Here she is, here she is,

we found her, we found her,

she is our beautiful princess,

someone please call our prince 

I looked around astonishingly

There was one blue horse under tree 

And a charming boy in prince's attire 

He waved his hands cheerfully 

He came towards me hurriedly 

Sitting proudly on his horse,

Children started clapping with Joy

Prince looked at me and asked,

" Remember me ? I am your prince"!

I just looked at him surprisingly 

I smiled and he asked for my hand 

I settled on the blue horse,

Both started our journey,

Raised our hands happily, 

thanked and bid adieu to children 

soon our horse was in air 

flying high with the wind! 

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