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Shayan Das

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Shayan Das

Romance Others

Amore Immortale

Amore Immortale

2 mins 363 2 mins 363

See, I may write a thousand rhymes

With my lyrical tranquil art,

And weave thy name on threads of time

To melt thy ardent heart.

To please thy tender heart my dear,

I may sing a thousand songs,

That soothe for aye each trembling tear

And heal the antique wrongs.

But neither the lines nor melodic grace

Of saccharine songs in tune,

Can ever depict thy occult face

Beneath the idyllic moon.

And neither the words nor lyrical charms

In the waves of rhythmic sea,

Can ever express the love that comes

From me and goes to thee.

For it seems that I have loved to thee

In a countless modes and ways,

And we love with a love greater than we

Which is beyond the nights and days.

Which is beyond the diurnal moves my dear,

Of this seraphic baffling Sphere;

A love so young, a love so true

After thousand mystic years.

And it seems that all the potions deep

In the Earth’s eternal sea,

Carry for aye my secret ship

In the magic shores of thee.

For in every star and every place,

And every lyrical line;

I find thy tranquil mystic face

Ere the eyes of mine.

And with every breath and every beat,

In every purple year;

Through echoing woods and echoing streets

Thy silent voice I hear.

And thy fragrance so slow unfurls

The secrets of my breast,

Like gilded stones and sparkling pearls

As keys open the chests.

And it seems that I have loved to thee,

Yeah loved forever high!

For thousand moons and thousand springs

Under the endless sky.

And we have danced hand in hand

Amidst a thousand hearts,

And promised to straighten every bend,

And never ever to part.

So kiss to me, my fragrant rose,

The melody of my soul;

Let us break the chains of woes,

And blend for aye as whole.

And lock for aye our virgin bloods

With the iron gates of trust,

And sing forever, O sweet bird

With the hot rhythms of lust.

And neither death nor evil powers

Will dare to part our hearts,

For our love shall live in sacred flowers

Immortalized by arts!

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