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Sandra Maina

Romance Others


Sandra Maina

Romance Others



2 mins 333 2 mins 333

Nostalgia washed over me as I reminisced the dark golden sunset. In a hazy recollection, my heart was heavy, I bleed from the tunes from my walkman in my right palm and pair of cheap generic earphones in my ears set the mood for the fleeting walk down the memory lane. How did I end up as I am?

I always thought silence would lend me a moment of peace

But instead, it happened to clear my blurred spot and yelled at me loud

Lately, I've started feeling like am drowning

But they say it okay, sometimes you feel lonely

I start only to feel the darkness

But they say the darkness will soon fade away

I start to forget all the good feelings

But they say everyone has their bad days

Then I realized they weren't really helping

They only liked me when I was happy

When I felt empty,

I was draining their energy...

Suddenly through an invisible black hole,

Memories of you flashed through my head...

The day you were gone was the worst day my life had ever shown 

After your departure, loneliness encircled my life

I started wandering lonely as a cloud

Slowly, loneliness became my best friend

Numb went my feelings


I just wished I would die

See, I felt this daily

So lost I didn't know what to feel 

When in fact I did feel the pain

But still couldn't believe it was real...

And in all my sad days,

Your presence felt like air

I couldn't hold on but linger around

Like an illusion, you stood truly lifeless

You were near, still, you were not...

Now I light a candle 


Watch it as it dances its own shadow

To the rhythm of the breeze 

It reminds me of the nights we used to dance...


A part of me for them is happily displayed 

But a part within self is deeply broken 

I still wonder if they notice me 

And if they'll be able to mend the broken pieces

Because I feel myself slowly fading away 

Well, that,

That's how I ended up as I am

And since all pages of my old book hold my memories of yesterday

To every person who comes my way

Beneath all words,... I spell your name.

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