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Anu Chatterjee



Anu Chatterjee


Addicted To Modernism

Addicted To Modernism

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Yo! I am a modern lady

With a handset of Samsung,

Typing day and night

About my life on social media sites.

Revealing who am I

In Instagram.

Posting what I am feeling

In facebook.

And the world seems like a digital book.

Yo! I am a modern body

Created on the basis of discrimination

Having no self-identity to reflect on.

Where did I get lost?

Yo! I am a modern human,

Thinking like a robot

To pursue my career in academics.

Where am I heading towards?

Oh, programming! Please lead me

Towards the code of transcendence.

Wait! What? No, not Java again

Let's begin a new journey with Adobe Photoshop.

Oh world, you see,

I am a modern woman

Who knows nothing about villages

Because I am ultra-privileged

Decaying inside but would still purchase ascent

By spending cents.

Now, this seems like an addiction

Wherein I am typing what I hate

In modernism by being modern.

Typing like a robot,

Using my intelligence according to market

To type for market

Without getting anything in cents,

But, I am writing here for I, me and myself.

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