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manaswin singh kakran



manaswin singh kakran


A World Without Friction

A World Without Friction

1 min

Increase in wear and tear

On the road, the car that we steer

Friction affects speed and efficiency

Be it in normal times or an emergency

Touching the finish line becomes unpredictable

Running errands too become uncomfortable

They say the difficulty that you face

Is actually friction on the surface

Is friction a necessary evil?

Oh! How I want to solve that puzzle

To think of a world without friction

I paused and posed with my imagination

Seamlessly floated many questions

Topsy-turvy a world of reciprocal functions

How will we hold on to the ground?

Every action will become out of bound

Pencils will slip, on the paper ink will spill

Buildings will fall whether in the plains or on the hills

Objects on the slope will all lose balance

A bullet fired will travel a longer distance

No roll, neither the kick to the ball

Lack of the push, gone will be the pull

Open shoelaces and the stumble and the fall

Bygone will be all the meticulous control

Shaking hands and legs rickety

How to hold the glass when thirsty

And now with eyes at the metaphorical vantage point

Piercing through the microscopic bonds

I sit and think, should friction bid us adieu, what we will do? 

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