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Rekha Anand



Rekha Anand


A Word With My 'self'

A Word With My 'self'

2 mins 790 2 mins 790

It breathes and seethes in my heart

Where groans and pains once rooted;

I longed to possess but little-noticed

With me, it had calmly seated.

‘Gone are those days’, it said

With strife, discord, and feuds at your disposal;

You will find time to see 

If only you adhere to my humble proposal.

Not too difficult says my mind 

‘ts too simple to be happy;

Nonchalantly I gestured

Could you elaborate or rewind?

Worries, stress and our lewd actions

Were the vandals withholding the reflections?

Where is the time to stand and stare?

To the Lord’s wonderful creation.

Give it a thought; it’s not too late,

Stop the blame game with your fate.

Rise and see what you have lost,

Don’t give up at any cost.

The only joy is in giving

Just tarry and think for a while,

Stop holding what you have

By and by, you see that wonderful SMILE.

Eureka! Eureka! It was always with me

The only friend I realized.

Why did I ever hide it with groans?

When I could brighten up the souls.

Here I vow to spread this sparkle,

In the world full of ugly markers.

Bravo! I got a reason to fly

Into the Heaven of happiness high.

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