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Rekha Anand

Drama Inspirational


Rekha Anand

Drama Inspirational

What Is Larger Than Life?

What Is Larger Than Life?

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In this wide world, I sought this opportunity,

And asked a teen, 'What is larger than life?'

Career, money, luxuries and the list is endless,

My dear, I must say, you handled the question with finesse.

I brooded over the laid thought,

And, started connecting the dots.

Is there something, something larger than life?

A gift so precious bestowed upon us all,

The way we handle is what matters after all.

What happens to us when we grow?

Perspectives change. Don't you see it? Don't you know?

I am trying to live, I am trying to survive.

The dark truth is so difficult to sink in our mind.

They let me down and pull so strong,

These hyenas- so dangerous all around.

I know, I must not give up, but what to do?

There are no people but machines engulfing you.

I have lost human touch and just know to press the key,

Have lost the precious one, that would open the life to me.

Get up, stand and talk

What's going on in your life?

Avoid concealing behind those eyes,

Tell me, and get all answers to your 'Whys?'

Speak up, don't play hide and seek.

Life is not an illusion, like someone playing magic,

If not now, your end would be tragic.

The seeds of loneliness we have already sown,

'Tis not late that it can't be overthrown.

Be grounded and level headed if someone advises,

Boldly face failures and victories.

Time is precious and so is life,

Once lost never comes back.

Hold on and understand the simple fact,

There is nothing larger than time and life!

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