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Vandana Potukuchi



Vandana Potukuchi


A Thought

A Thought

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A thought scraped through my mind,

A thought deeper than the deepest,

At this moment, am I on your mind,

Does my walk or my talk bring the interest,

Do you feel this emotional grind,

Or am I thinking in earnest,

These thoughts are entwined,

It’s a fear of getting lost in the midst,

Will I fade away from your mind,

Or will I find you in the brightest,

I realised I scraped the outer rind,

For what lies beneath could be a tempest,

I thought I paused and I smiled,

For I glimpsed your face,

Oh! Wait I can’t get back there it’s all sealed,

Those thoughts where I spoke to you in solace,

Those thoughts that turn me into a happy child,

Where even your smile brings that li’l peace,

How I wish you unwounded,

These thoughts with me and walked past the isle to reminisce.

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