P.Anandha Saraswathi Devi Rajendran



P.Anandha Saraswathi Devi Rajendran


A Salute To Our Soldiers

A Salute To Our Soldiers

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Now or never, do or die

Every Indian Jawan chants

To secure their motherland

Hoping to win all trials and odds

Alas they lose themselves!

Just in case they miss their meal it is OK

In reality battle is their life

Seeking safety of motherland

United they stand

Bound to sacrifice even their life

Regrettably they gladly opt to give it up !

Snowy mountains not a threat

Highways and hurdles not felt

Comfort and ease at bay

Hope and faith never astray

Always for the nations safety

Never do they backup from duty!

Dreams a nation free of hassles

Repossess to duty at all crisis

Abandons none but their sweet family

Bomb blasts their lullaby

Onerous battles their pastime

Unquestionable they do shine!

Nation’s security is their keyword

Endless service is their desire

India salutes the brave,

Who risk their lives to grave,

Assuring the nation is safe!...

We sleep for they are awake!

A humble tribute, to the brave souls

India takes pride in you…salute to our Indian soldiers!

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