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Saurabh Gupta



Saurabh Gupta


A Proud Mentor

A Proud Mentor

2 mins

Sitting at the office desk, I was striking the keyboard keys,

When I was introduced to my mentees.

There was a hush, suddenly there were people all around,

And then there was you, silent, unmoved, footed to the ground.

New to job, new was the place, people unknown and a mysterious mentor,

One who could sense your fright, and that you had a lot on your plate to wonder.

Luckily you had your friends alongside,

Your helping hand, your shoulder, your guide.

It was a struggle initially, everybody does see this phase,

The phase that only marks the beginning of better days.

You kept the fight on, you grew in confidence,

You became an integral part of the team's confluence.

A big thank you for all the patient listening,

A big thank you for bearing with my mood swings, truely unconditioning.

A big thank you for being a friend more than being a mentee,

True to the words I've often said, you'll always have my support, I guarantee.

And finally today, you successfully have got used to the corporate mess,

Learning how to address everybody, despite of all the stress.

It is now time for you to take new flights,

All my wishes to you, may you achieve unmeasured heights.

Stay humble, stay calm, stay just the way you are,

Don't worry even if you stumble, just reach out, I am not too far,

Like it has always been and shall be for evermore,

I will always and happily be your proud mentor.

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