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Himanshi Gupta

Drama Romance


Himanshi Gupta

Drama Romance



2 mins

It was different. Different feeling, different me, different everything.

It started with his pink sweatshirt and tall dark handsome look

I fall for him all over again though we already were in relationship, a long distance one.

November it was. Cool breezes had already taken the roads and there I was.

Waiting for him to meet for the very first time instead texting on phone.

Hundreds of thousands of butterflies were meandering as if I had them alive in the morning.

I was all new. All glowing without makeup. chose best of my attire to look all good to him.

And then he appeared so fresh like our love.

I wanted to tell him but i wasn't me at all.

Yes we shook hands, did a side hug like newly met friends.

It was more than enough for me as it was my first date and I never allowed anyone before to let me feel like that.

We moved ahead for the movie and my heart was still running on treadmill.

I wanted to stare at him but afraid of being caught up.

Only if I uttered a word that can make me look all messed up.

He was talking and I wanted to see him the rest of my life like this.

I bowed my arms in front of his generosity.

I do not remember which movie we went for as I had no attention to it.

But rest of the day just blown at metro station, believe it!

I was never out of home for that much of time before but I just didn't want to end that day .

I wanted to preserve him and that time for the rest of my life.

Only if I knew that 'life' would last only for a year or while away.

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