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3rd Destruction Ever

3rd Destruction Ever

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Would you run?

Or would you fight?

For freedom?

For country?


Or legacy?


Where would you run?

Or who would you fight?

When battles are waged,

With a swap from left to right.

Who's going to have,

The privilege to be free?

When civilizations are smashed,

Sunk and taken by the sea.

What nation,

Can survive?

Would there be victors,

From either side?

Who's going to welcome you home?

And make a movie, about your valor and bravery?

Which books are going to speak of you?

When there's no one left to remember history.

This is the finale.

An ending without screams.

For there shall be no more future,

A ruin to all dreams.

Everything shall perish

In a blink of an eye.

When you see the iron reaper

Descending from the sky.

The end of the world.

What a sight to see.

I'm cracking a cold one.

When we dance to world war three.

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