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Tanya Goyal

Drama Abstract


Tanya Goyal

Drama Abstract

Little Bird

Little Bird

1 min 212 1 min 212

I am a little bird born into this world


Chirping lullabies to redwood treetops

And singing hymns to an almighty; getting back nothing.

I gathered up twigs and loose branches to build up 

My nest––cropped out upbringing

For house fitting.

Waking up to noises––

Of violent winds. 

Pressing feathers to cover my ears, 

And trusting my feet to hold me down.

Barricaded myself in worn bark,

From the impossibility of the threatening ecosystem.

Praying myself in place, hiding when morning shines and dressing in colours of damp green.

I’m something but I tell myself otherwise:

It’s too frightening to fly so I might as well cut off my wings.

No, that would be insensitive––don’t mind that, I’ll pluck them each time the feathers grow.

See I’m holding onto the something that makes me more than nothing.

Clipped wings seem more ideal than no wings. 

For some reason I’m scared to let it all go;

silently hoping one day I’ll keep them, like them, love them and even spread them.

Noticed gathering leaves and flowers one day can add colour to a colourless lifestyle,

Yet the wind wipes it clean the next––still pale brown and feels less like home than yesterday.

I may be afraid of everything,

But I know I’m more afraid of dying here alone; 

Whispering Mozartian melodies to dead butterflies.

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