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Kawaldeep Singh


Siddhartha Dua

It's a thought provoking story sharmila. Ho well you have captured the emotion of a young girl and her mother. I am mighty impressed by your work. the way you narrated the feelings is exemplary. I am eagerly awaiting for the next one. Do check out my story as well and share your feedback.

swapnil kamble

If yu took itas short story it might have work great story...but yu become a real story teller by showing real story about unhygenic condition how they live. Without speak their problem ..they uses their problem as solution to make their life smooth and happy living .....when ruch people make mistake every time and uses their problem as fate or luck.....and say that..its bad day for me.....whose face did i see today?...i nd left unsolved to god


Great concept, great thinking and a great story indeed. Truly heart touching and a fact which all must realize.

Kanoj Singh

A beautiful read that really made me sit back and ponder about how life should be. The best part is that the story is real and it also does not sound too preachy about the message it wants to share. You just read it and the message touches home. Wonderful!! Looking forward to more of such stories.