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A Body With No Face!
A Body With No Face!

© Tanya Prajapati


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Mr. Raj, an Indian teacher, was returning to his school late one night, on the outskirts of the hill station of Mahabaleshwar. Most of the students from his school belonged to wealthy Indian families. Mr. Raj had been teaching in the school for several years.

Mr. Raj usually strolled into the town in the evening, returning after dark, when he would take a short cut through the forest. He carried a torch, and it's gleam moved fitfully down the narrow forest path when it's flickering light fell in the figure of a boy, who was sitting alone on a rock. Mr. Raj sensed something wrong.

When the light from his torch fell upon the boy's face - if you could call it a face. It had no eyes, ears, nose or mouth. The torch fell from his trembling hand. He started running blindly through the trees calling for help when he saw a lantern swinging in the middle of the path.

'What is it, sir?' asked the watchman. 'Why are you running?'

'I saw something horrible - a boy weeping in the forest with no face!'

'No face, sir?'

'No eyes, nose, mouth - nothing!' said Mr. Raj.

'Do you mean it was like this, sir?' asked the watchman, and raised the lamp to his own face. He had no eyes, no ears, no features at all! And that's when the wind blew the lamp out.

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