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© Samyuktha Satuluri

Horror Thriller

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I woke up in the midnight, panting like never before. I found myself in a very awkward situation as I woke everyone up. Little did my subconscious mind know that this is a train journey and my loud, scary scream may disturb others. I was glad that no one gave me a ‘class’ like my teachers. I tried so hard to go back to sleep. Usually if I stare at things for a very long time, I fall asleep. And I tried it. My eye caught something interesting. After a while I found myself staring at something through the window. Though I had a very poor vision, I could still sense that ‘that something’ is familiar to me. I have myopia of 4.5 in both my eyes and yet, I still managed to figure out what that ‘something’ was. I wanted to go back to sleep but they say that “whenever you want certain things to happen, they never happen rather they happen when there is no need of it.” Since I wasn’t getting sleep, my subconscious mind found a perfect reason to rewind that dream which made me scream and which also interrupted many sleeping beauties from sleeping.

As far as I remember, my dream started with someone calling my name out loud .

“Rheaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Wake up!!!” said an unknown person, terribly afraid.

“She is unconscious right now. She can’t hear us.” Said another voice from behind.

I remember regaining my consciousness after a while. I noticed few people anxiously worried about me. They were none other than my friends. In fact my best friends. These people are my life. I cannot do anything without them.

We were on a trip to a distant place or I might say an educational trip to that far place. I don’t even remember where we went exactly.

That ‘something’ was a person who played a major role in my dream.

I don’t remember what happened when we reached that place. The next thing I remember is waking up to a noise. A very awful noise. I asked my friends if anything was wrong. They were as perplexed as me or I might say even more than me.

We peeped through the small window present in our so called room. There was a very tall building, a ten storeyed one. It looked very scary and abandoned. We suspected that the noise is definitely from the building. We wanted to explore it. Everyone agreed to it and we proceeded further to explore the building.

The gate of the building was obviously like the one from the horror movies. The building was colored in dark blue with a mixture of purple. There was a bad odor coming from the building. A stinking smell or I might say a rotten smell was coming like how the character from the conjuring described. The next thing I remember is the staircase. Oh wait it was a ramp and not a staircase . I was all alone as I wanted to explore the other floors and god knows where my friends disappeared. The ramp was wet and slippery so I had to be careful.

I don’t remember exactly which floor it was but I guess it was the 9th floor. I went to that floor and it was all dark. It was a science lab I guess. Little did I know that there was someone standing right next to me and was spying. I knew it was something fishy. I was curious to know what was there on the top most floor, but I couldn’t. I had to rush down stairs.

And when I went down I found all my friends unconscious. I had no idea what was going on.

“Its you next my darling! Looks like you are too brave as you managed to explore this building all on your own” said a foul voice from behind. “Now if you want to save your friends, you ought to do this work.”

I readily accepted it cause for the first time in my life I was afraid, I was afraid of losing my friends. She wanted me to become a chariot for her daughter. Or maybe her master’s daughter. She was baby sitting a witch’s daughter. And then I realized that the person who was spying on me was none other than the witch. I also learnt that the baby sitter was a normal human who was hypnotized by the witch. How cruel of her!

I sensed a sharp poking pain. She was trying to kill me and that’s the reason I shouted. I want to know what happened after that but my dream just ended.

And that something is that baby sitter who aimed to destroy people’s lives.

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