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Varun Ravalakollu

Horror Thriller


Varun Ravalakollu

Horror Thriller

The Womb

The Womb

7 mins 504 7 mins 504

The dumb spiders were crying in a dilapidated house. Suddenly, the raindrops with the heavy wind were alike fighting with the earth. A six-month pregnant woman was fighting for survival like the deer which was caught by the four hunters.

The new saying resuscitated in her life...

“Having a pregnant woman for lust is a simple thing when the giants rape the four years child".

The chaste woman was approaching death by the four youngsters who were sunk in the drugs.

‘Arun, Enough let's let her, she can bear no more.'

‘Joseph, the girl who is caught in the hand of boys like us who have the sovereignty is the machine to feed for our sexual appetite.

‘Not for that dude, it's awful to see her that's why I said, otherwise no problem, you just enjoy it.

She was dying cell by cell-like the goat ensnared in the knife of butcher. The face of the baby in her womb appeared like an angel in her eyes. Her heart spoke with a breath.

That is heard in the baby's ear.

Baby, forgive your Mom, The god, who gave the blessedness to carry in my womb, didn't give the boon to live lifelong as carrying you in my heart. I believed that your smile is my life. That man I married abandoned me, now these men are drinking my soul as an absorbed trickle. My baby, I couldn't bear this, your Mom couldn't bear this.

Fate caught her soul like the mirage. Even she was dead that giants were having sex with her body.

"Kumar, have you bought the drinks, pickle and side dish?

'Those are a perfectly ready dude, but still, we didn't find a girl da! It has been long days that we hunted together.'

"Let's have a college girl tonight. What do you say, Joseph?

"Yah Arun! That girl we had last month in that dilapidated house is a super figure da.'

'Ha... You didn't forget that still now.... 'That three were laughing happily.

The evening sky marched and was ready for the dot decorating competition.

Suddenly, Kumar's phone rang unexpectedly too.


He was shocked by the words told at the end of the phone. He stunned. They asked, “Kumar what happened?" Kumar couldn't hear what they asked him. Joseph holds up his shoulders.

Kumar's eyes were filled with sorrow. Tears peeped over the eyelid. He was stuttering.

Our Basith (weeping choked his throat)

Yes, Our Basith, what is for that?

Our Basith has passed away. He has gone.

Arun also stood up from the seat with traumas.

How? What happened to him?

He has hanged himself in his room.

They have reached Basith's house quickly than their agitation. They were broken like the chips because of the death of their friend who was with them together. The whole village attended his funeral because he was a rich boy. The squirts were finished, momentarily the huge crowd

converged saying consolation to Basith's family. Finally, his friends also left from there.

The lip of the lady who bus crutch was raising hands, talked with the lord.

"Ya Allah you have punished the sinners who destroyed my granddaughter, Ya Rab punish the remaining sins like this.'


Car was on the journey carrying the minds that couldn't bear the separation of the friend.

The reticence is the lenitive music in the car.


Joseph, what? 'Ask me without hesitation'

'Don't mistake me.'

"Hey, when did I have mistaken you?'

'Again, I tell you to ask me without hesitation.

Kumar's ears also were ready to listen.

"Do you believe the ghost, devil, and spirit?

'Why do you ask this?'

'First, you tell me then I'll explain you.

"Dude, devil, and ghosts are unreal matters.

Those are many people's illusion and hallucinations that are all.

Arun, Basith didn't hang himself'.

Kumar stopped the car suddenly 'Arun, what does he mean now? Joseph, What happened to you? Even we haven't drink now.

Then why are blabbering?'

'Kumar, Don't get angry! Just listen to him. You just drive the car.


Kumar agreed to Arun's words.

'Joseph, tell us whatever you think

'Arun, I mean....'

When he started to say he got shivering Arun touched

his shoulders.

"Hey, I am with you tell me boldly

'When we entered Basith's room, I saw a doll there.'

'What do you mean a doll in Basith's room? I'll believe if you say that there was a girl in his room, doll... clod...

Don't relate Alibaba story,

'Kumar, don't interact, first listen to him what he is going to say. Okay

"Arun, okay. I won't talk any more.

Now tell us.

'I looked closely that doll... there ... there... ( Arun hold up his shoulders) My name was written in blood. I asked Basith's mother about that doll, she asked me which doll.

When I turn to show her, the doll was not there.

'So that ghost is going to kill you too.' (Kumar again interacted)

'It's okay if it kills me, but... After we buried Basith's body, I saw Kumar's name in that Meezan stone...

'Why are you crying?

'Kumar's name was written there.'

Again the reticence was the music in that car.

"Kumar... last month.... that dilapidated house, we raped a girl (continued with no end).

'Yeah... what's for that?

When we were with her, she was dead, not only that, now she is looking at both of you.'

The value of death showed fear in the eyes. When

Arun's eyes looked at Kumar, the death of Basith has

appeared like a short film behind the backside of him.

Kumar laughed ghastly in the front seat.

‘Kumar, what happened da...?

"Hey.... sinners... I am not Kumar. Somehow I am also our partner. I am that chaste woman's husband. Her spirit killed me first, later Basith, then Kumar...

'What are you blabbering?

'Yes, your friend is no more...

"Have you drunken?'

(Again that drastic laugh) 'Now your Joseph is going to die without knowing this ...'

The car door of the seat side where Arun seated, was opened and threw him,

Arun couldn't get up from there. He was floundering because of the strong contuse in

his chest; the car was burned in a fire. The car crashed at the rock.


The Science world was watching Arun surprisingly Arun departed from his friends and now living isolated, he was given a penalty that had never given to anybody there before by God.

Now, Arun is three months pregnant, because of the curse of a chaste woman.

The eon admired about him. After losing his relations and properties he realized what is really a life...

He was rejected without a dwelling, now his luxurious mansion and palace is that dilapidated house where they tasted the dead body of the chaste woman...

Day by day his stomach has grown big in size. Even he couldn't commit suicide, his thoughts and

activities were tied by the curses of a chaste woman...

"Oh, chaste! Please kill me! I could bear this no more.'

He begs for his death, suffered more than a hundred thousand times thinking his fault. The chaste woman arose before his eyes. She carried a doll also. When he saw her, he melted like a candle...

'Anna (brother) please don't weep'

The heart does its work

A spurt of tear overflowing as the sea.

'I am a sinner, who destroyed you, but still, you call me as your brother ...'

'Anna...! God has given the punishment rather than your sin.'

'Yes completed three months today.

After seven months will I get free?'

"No.....' Arun was frozen with eerie. She related continuously.

'Medical world says that you are conceived now, that's not true. According to fate, you should have died in that car accident,but god will increase the shape of the womb till the end of an eon.'

He didn't know to reply to the words of chaste woman, he measured the answer by eyes.

"Hereafter, it is the retribution to men, who destroy the women not only that, all of your friends will join you in the vault of heaven.

'The reserved time from God for me is over. A chaste woman disappeared like dew, leaped up in the flower.

Arun's heart accepted the penalty as penance, realizing the mindset of a woman entirely.

Time passed ten o'clock, usually, the road seems crowded, and today it's depleted.

After college, Arun's sister Nithya was going home, in the rain as she couldn't get the bus.

Her wetted dress showed her body parts as beautiful paintings. Whilst, Varun and his three friends bowed down heads, which had come in bail and was arrested in the rape case.

Nithya crossed that place with afraid of her chastity, as she has seen their faces, viral in newspapers and televisions.

Today, Varun and his friends are one month pregnant, because of the help for someone's sin.



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