Shreya Mishra

Horror Thriller


Shreya Mishra

Horror Thriller

Was That A Ghost?

Was That A Ghost?

7 mins

"Jason this is crazy.", my friend Elvish whispered. Elvish is a tall and handsome guy. He is good looking. I always envy him but on the other hand he is my best friend. I asked him what happened. He replied scandalously "Have you seen the news about Ethan's house." But I really didn't know anything. I served him water and asked with a serene smile that now tell me what happened. He said "You really don't know that Mr. and Mrs. Ethan got killed, I heard that something abnormal is going on in that house and no evidence found by cops but they found some paranormal equipment there." I really didn't believe in all these stuffs. But I was curious to know about that because I was a mysterious stuff lover. I thought we have to go there to find out what happened. So, I told him pleasantly "My dear Elvish, Do you want to go for an adventure." He immediately asked me "Which kind of adventure you are talking about?" Then I told him to come with me to Ethan's house this night to find out the mystery of Ethan's death. As he was a coward kind of guy. He refused me at first, but I knew how to confess him I said "Do you remember that game which you used to play and you told me that you have not enough money to buy the latest model of it. How will it be if I will buy it for you?" 

He got excited after listening that he said, "Jason as you are my best friend, it's my responsibility to help you. I will definitely go there with you." Then he gave me high five and we started to pack our bags. We kept all those things that can be used there. Now we were ready to go. But its still 5'o clock and our plan was to go there at 8'o clock because we didn't want anyone to know about that. Suddenly Elvish said that, "Wait, we are forgetting something. I asked "What did we forget?" 

He said "We forgot about Rose."

I was amazed at how we could forget Rose.

Ohh.. yeah... You were thinking who is that Rose. 

So, I wanna tell you that she is the member of our group. 

We three are best friends since we were in kindergarten. We grew up together. 

Then I told Elvish "Its good that she doesn't know about it, if she will come with us then half of the time we have to find her. Moreover, she is a girl." All of a sudden we heard a loud voice. "What if I am girl. hmm.." We were familiar with that voice, yes, she was Rose. I said to her, we don't mean that. She replied angrily "You two are really awful. You really didn't think about me once neither you involved me in your plan. I heard all your plan now I am also in. Count me in your plan." Rose is really a stubborn girl and we couldn't either forbid her to come with us. We have no other way. So, we agreed to take her with us. Now its half past 7' and the distance between our house and Ethan's house is nearly around half of an hour.                  

Now, we started to go there. After a little journey, we reached there. That house was kind of grubby, old and creepy, although it was not unused because Mr. and Mrs. Ethan's used to live there but now it is Ownerless. We opened that rusty gate surrounded with the traditional walls, that gate opened with the groaning sound. When we entered the lonesome sound of the leaves scratching and scraping one another came when we entered. It was really erratic. 

But we kept on moving, then we reached the main door of house, that was too big. The house was too big for two people and that was too dark there. When we were standing on the main door, a cold windy wave struck us. when I opened my eyes I saw that the door is sealed. All of a sudden Elvish whispered "Hey Rose.. Jason.. please let's go back." I said, do you want a new version of game, then come with us. He apathetic replied, "Okay I will come." Then Rose suggested to us that we have to get inside from the back door. We thought that this is a good idea. I lead them to the back door. The glasses of that seemed to be just broken. We went inside of that easily but It was very cold there, when I went inside I got my goosebumps. I turned on my torch and start finding light switches and luckily I found them but when I tried to turn it on I failed to do that. Then I realised that they were not working. I asked Elvish and Rose to be together with me. The house really looked like a normal house but I felt something wrong there. 

Suddenly, Rose screamed loudly, we went to her to ask that what happened. She pointed towards the floor.... 

When I looked down I saw the blood spread over there which was dripping from the roof of the house. Rose and Elvish were really scared after this incident. Then we went upstairs to investigate that. When I went over there, I came to see that anything was moving from my backside. Rose and Elvish also saw that thing. That was like the shadow of humans who is skipping. Then we came to the conclusion that we have to go to the attic if we have to find from where the blood was dripping. Then we kept on moving towards the attic. The wooden stairs case of the attic was too old and making squeaky sound when we were moving on that. Suddenly I and Rose heard a loud voice of screaming of Elvish and we turned back to see him. I saw that he was not coming there with us on the staircase. We went downstairs to found where is Elvish. Rose found him fainted downstairs and called me. We went to him and said "Wake up Elvish, wake up" many times. Rose was very scared at that time and I kept courage and tried to wake him up by sprinkling water on his face. 

But after that, an incident happened to us that I can't forget in my whole life. Suddenly Elvish woke up and he was hung up in the air, his eyes turned red and his face seemed a little bit dark and pale. I and Rose both were scared, we were not in situation of saying anything. Rose was crying and I lost all my senses. Elvish said in a cracking voice "I will kill you both" and tried to attack us. I saw that Rose had fainted and Elvish was coming after me, I kept running and tried to escape but I slipped and my head bumped into the pillar.

After that, I don't remember anything. But when I woke up I was in my house and my mom was saying to me "Who asaked you to go there, why you three went to Ethan's house without telling us and how you three fainted over there?" But I had no answer to her questions. So, I just said "I don't remember anything. " and next time when we three met each other, I asked Elvish what happened to you downstairs when we were going to attic. He said "I don't know. I went to a room where many paranormal stuff like ouija board, etc. was kept. Then I left that room and started following you but suddenly I felt a cold stir in my body and fainted. After that what I did I don't remember it." Then Rosy said "I also fainted when I was looking into Elvish 's eye."

Now that whole story about Ethan's house is a mystery for us. 

But after this incident, I believe that there are many such things in the world that no one knows. One out of those is negative powers or we can call them ghosts.... 

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