Joan Marie Cajes

Drama Horror


Joan Marie Cajes

Drama Horror

Whisper of Death

Whisper of Death

7 mins

“OMG, I cant wait for our vacation tomorrow”

Alice said 

“Me too”

Sabrina said

Today we are packaging our things because tomorrow is the day that we were awaited. Last week. My friends and our boyfriends planned a 3 days vacation before our graduation. And we decided to go to Resort a little too far from our hometown it’s too more exciting.


Alice, Alex, Sabrina, Angelo, Tony, And me Tina 

“Hey guys welcome to my channel so for today’s vlog we are going to Lupigians Resort”

Alice said our blogger friend

“But before that let’s take a shot”

Sabrina said our photographer one.

“let's go guys let's go in, so we can get there immediately and I'm hungry too”

I said the food is life for me

Then they laugh.. 

Tony was driving, my boyfriend and I sat down next to him

“Babe want some?”


Then I offered them too..

5 Hours Roadtrip

So we’re here I can see the beautiful sea omg I'm so excited..

The boys was carrying our things and were going now to a mini cottage that the owner of resorts their.

We reserved our room last night but were lucky because no one was here, No Reservations only 6 of us. This is so exciting we were gonna solo this resort.

I take the key then we’re starting to go upstairs.

And after that we’re here, the room was absolutely fit for us , so gorgeous, there are 3 master beds so amazing.

Because of tiredness of the trip we decided to go to sleep.

I woke up to the sunlight from the balcony.

Then I wake them up, we need to enjoy this day 

no wasted minutes and hours, 

Sabrina and Alex were cooking our meals, We are very lucky in the room and at the resort of course because our needs are already here.

After eating we decided to go outside to swim.

A moment of happiness..

After that, we decided to go now to our room, 

But Sabrina and Alex left for their moment.

Me and Tony were going now to our room , while Alice and Angelo was going to somewhere..

we were already inside and decided to go to the balcony first to observe the beautiful moon and sea, while holding hands.


“Tina help”

Alice said while panicking 

“Why? What happen Alice?”

Tony asked.

Then I hug her, she looks nervous, that’s why I feel the same.

“Alice tell me, what happened?”

“T-Tina Angelo was pulled by someone, I don't know but they suddenly disappeared”

“Huh? How?”


“Are you sure?”


Then she started to cry, I know she’s telling the truth, but who is he or she?

Until Alex and Sabrina arrived

“W-What happen?”

-Alex asked 

Then I tell them ..


they were also surprised..

“Tony let’s go let’s find Angelo, and you girls will stay here just make sure to lock the door”


“Wait are you sure? It’s dangerous”


“we will come, what if they come here”


“It’s dangerous guys”


“Okay, we were going to find Angelo,”


“Don’t be scared Alice nothing bad will happen”


Then she nodded

We started to go out ..

we went to the owner first but he was not there..

I smell something fishy, I don’t want to overthink but, how? No one will here, maybe a guard or trustee..

“F*ck where she is?”


Yes, the owner is a girl, A old lady

“So we need to searching,”


the men were carrying knives which they took to the kitchen earlier, they also gave us just in case I did not take, I'm afraid..


"Alice where did you and Angelo last come from?" 


then she pointed out that we went immediately

we are here at the back of the resorts, the darkness is scary but good and we have a cellphone if that's what we used as a light there is nothing here and all weeds, 

“What are you doing here? In this creepy place ?" -Sabrina 

“Angelo said someone whisper his name, so we went here, until he was just pulled”



“I don't know because I never heard that”

“Oh f*ck”


-Alex was shouting her name 

“Shh don’t shout”

-I said



we were surprised because Alice spoke. 

“He whispered to me, he's just here"



until he stopped talking and walked to a tree ..

"Hey, Alice what are you doing?" 


 Alice said 

“I'm almost there Angelo” he added

We just followed him until .. 

“Ahhhh" she shouted 

w-wait who is that? 

“Oh f * ck where is she?" 


She suddenly pulled .. 

it's already dark around our cellphone is still low bat .. it is fading .. 


I’m panicking now 

"Alice, where are you?" 


“Did you see who pulled?" 


“No, the scene was so fast" 


“Are you Tina? Did you see?”


I can not talk, I don’t know.. 

How can I say, I do not know it’s so scary ... "Hey whoever you are go out" 

-Alex shouted 

“Tina are you okay?" 


my whole body was shaking

“I heard Alice" 

Sabrina suddenly spoke 

“No, no Sabrina don't listen" 


Alex asked 

“Guys please do not listen" I beg

then they pointed to the tree again 

“Let's go please, Tony let's go" 

I'm crying

It looks like they are no longer on their own, Tony No no, don't go to the tree .. 


I shouted, then they pulling them

 I do not know what to do I was sitting on the grass, my whole body trembling with fear. What should I do.. I am weak, I have no fight ..

until he was slowly coming out, there was the woman I saw floating, until little by little he raised his head and pulled out the long hair that covered his face. I could hear the sound of bones where his head suddenly turned he is slowly facing .. I can see his face .. 

“Tina come here” 

She whispered 

That's what I see, 

red eyes 

smiling lips 

her smiles grew bigger and bigger, 

her face, I can hear her laugh 

I’m scared .. 

There it is he was getting closer and closer until he opened his mouth 


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