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Satakshi Niraj

Horror Tragedy Crime


Satakshi Niraj

Horror Tragedy Crime

The Mansion

The Mansion

7 mins 271 7 mins 271

When Arya and her twin sister Anya were about two years old, their grandmother, who was about eighty years or so, fell off the staircase of their mansion and died.

The twins' parents, her grandmother, and her uncle, who was unemployed, all lived together in their inherited mansion. She and Anya loved their uncle. He was funny, caring, and loving. He always brought chocolates for the girls. They loved their fun uncle. 

After the death of grandma, her parents decided to go to Varanasi to perform the last rituals of throwing the ashes in the river Ganga. They had decided to go along with their daughters to see off their grandma but unfortunately, Anya fell sick. She had mild fever and coughing. She wasn't in a fit condition to go. Their uncle, graciously offered to take care of her when Arya and her parents went to Varanasi. He was more than happy to take care of his lovingly cute little niece. 

So, the parents were off to Varanasi, and since it was the 60's they didn't have any means of communication to rely on, to reach to their daughter. When they were seeing each other off, Anya begged Arya not to go, but Arya was really excited so her cries were unheard. 

After they went to Varanasi, they came back after a week, after a successful see off of the grandma. It was a stormy day. Arya's father knocked on the door. There was no answer. He knocked twice. Thrice. There still wasn't any answer. He thought that maybe his brother was in the loo. He took out his spare key and opened the door. As the door opened a bit he saw that there were no lights on and the curtains were drawn. It was totally dark inside. As the door opened wide, and sunlight entered the room, he and his wife screamed at the sight before them. 

The twins' uncle lay dead on the floor in front of the staircase, at the same place the grandma had died. His whole body was covered in blood and flies and insects were all over him. His mouth was open wide and was totally black. His eyes were open and lifeless, with bugs crawling inside them. His face was badly bruised. The whole floor was covered with blood. Arya was taken to the garden by her mother, who was crying meanwhile her father went to check on Anya imagining the worst. He said softly, "Anya baby are you there?" and creaked open the door. She was there on her bed, in her blanket, sleeping. "Anya, I'm home", her father said to her shaking her hand lightly. He felt her, she was cold. So cold. He shook her harder and harder, "Wake up Anya! Wake up! Wake up! Look daddy's here. Wake up!" He held her tight screaming her name. He had lost her daughter, mother, and brother. 

After the police were called and they sent the corpses for postmortem, they couldn't find out how the uncle died and there were so many bruises on his body. There were no traces of trespassing in the mansion. However, when Anya's postmortem was done, it was found out that she went through a lot past the week. Her uncle was found out to be a pedophile, who did things to her. She got sicker and her condition got worse. She died of torture and suffering. 

To start a new life after all this, Arya's parents decided to sell the mansion and move to another state. Arya started forgetting her twin as she grew up. She knew this that she had a twin but she was unknown to the fact about how she died. When she asked her parents they said that she was a really weak child and she fell sick, so she died. She didn't even know that she had an uncle. Every year at 6th Septemberer, they would grieve for the grandmother's death, and on 17th September, they would grieve for Anya's death. Arya would get really uncomfortable and disturbed this whole month. She had hallucinations and at night times she would hear things that scared her out. She would hear the sound of mortar and pestle, grinding spices. Then she would hear the sound of anklets like a woman was slow-walking just outside her room. She would have nightmares about a man who would give her chocolates but as soon as she reached out her hands to take them, he would grab her and press her against the bed. She would see in her dreams a little girl crying and when she asked her why she was crying she always replied, "Because you left me alone." She was scared of the month of September. 

She was in her twenties now. She had a good job, owned a big house. Her life was perfect. But, September arrived. She started having those nightmares and hallucinations again. This time it got even worse. When she looked in the mirror she saw a little girl standing beside her, crying. When she went to sleep, she would see a man at the door of her bedroom staring at her. She thought she was going crazy. She consulted her parents about this whole situation. They thought it was best if she knew why all this was happening to her. So, they decided to tell her everything. They thought that it would help her, but she just couldn't handle the trauma. She fell into depression. She couldn't take it anymore. 

Without telling her parents, she booked a flight to the state to get back to the mansion. When she arrived at the mansion she saw that there were newspapers and magazines scattered on the floor in front of the door. "Maybe they've gone away for a vacation", she thought. But she wasn't going to waste any more time. 

She found a big brick and threw it at the front window. It shattered open. Everything was dark inside. The curtains were drawn and there was no light. She entered through the window and the first thing she saw was a man, standing at the end of the staircase. "Come Arya come. Take these chocolates. I've brought them to you." He held out his arms. 

Arya lost her consciousness. She started walking towards him. 

"Arya, stop right there." A stern voice spoke. She turned around to see her grandmother. Draped in white saree, her hair tightly held in a bun, She found her beautiful. 

"Sit down", ordered her grandmother. Arya sat beside her. 

"I didn't get rid of your uncle so that you could just barge in here and listen to him. I want you to go away and never come back here ever again. I want-" Her voice was interrupted by a little girl's voice, which came from the room above. She was standing near a door. She said, "I told you not to go Arya, yet you did. You left me alone. You left me alone to die. Are you still going to go away?"  

Arya said, tears in her eyes, "I'm so sorry Anya. I really am. But don't worry now. I'm not going away anywhere. I'll be here with you." 

Her grandmother got angry, "Don't be such a fool. Runaway now. You've got your whole life ahead of you. We're dead. We don't need anything. You just go, go away please now."

"Please stay Arya", said Anya. 

"I've got chocolates for you", said her uncle. 




"Come here little one we'll play."


Arya saw her twins' faces. She was crying. She didn't want to leave her sister but she wanted to get out of the house. Then she saw her uncle coming towards her, he started floating, he was coming right at her. That's when Arya realized she had to go. She ran towards the broken window. He was so close behind her that she could almost feel his cold presence. She got out of the mansion. She kept running uncontrollably. She ran as fast as she could. She didn't stop. 

Out of sudden, she felt a loud horn. A truck ran over her. She died. 

17th September 2020. A girl sitting in her room having a video chat with her friend. She was talking about how much homework she has got to do when she shushed her friend. They both heard it. The sound of anklets. It was continuous. It was as if someone was walking towards the room. The girl saw her door open and an old lady gave her a big grin. 

The girl screamed, "What the fu-"

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