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I just finished my morning tea and came back to hostel, down stairs I found 1 person with nervousness also with some amount of hope too. But I didn't see much of him as we just shifted to hostel only to face final exam, as our college located at Nipani 70 km away from Belgaum. And we also feel afraid to talk to someone during exam period thinking that if mentor will observe us, then he will complaint to our principal. And hence just directly went to the room with my batch mate.

After 15 to 20 minutes one student of this hostel knocked the door and said "Anyone of you having Blood group of A +ve", I directly said Yes I am having A Positive, who wants?

Simultaneously I opened the door and see the same person who was roaming downstairs with some unique characteristics. And I asked him what happened who requires blood?

"My Brother needs 1 unit of A Positive blood" he responded; I said okay but why? From where are you?

He replied "We are basically from Goa, but my brother had an accident and hence we need to come to Belgaum far across a way to have a surgery of left lower limb and for that he needs Blood and we have no money now so required on free basis" I quickly responded I will give and he returned hospital and told me with smile please do come at 1.00 PM. I said yes, don't worry.

After he exited from the room, my few friends told that you don't have to go, who knows what happens there, and he seems to be alcoholic and smells bad. So don't go. I replied "but Yaar, I promised him if I would not visit then what will happen to him and his brother" One of my friend looked at me with sharpened his eyes and told that "Don't think that you are Raja Harishchandra, he will manage the thing for his brother, you just concentrate on your study as tomorrow will be practical exam of Pharmacognosy" and he shrugged at me and I became quite on his indication.

11.45 AM

All friends discussing about tomorrow's exam and I was wondering about that guy who came in the morning for help and I said yes to him. I was thinking about his condition, how he would manage unit of blood? How his brother would survive, if he will not get the A +ve Donor?" Meanwhile someone shouted that come for lunch and I suddenly panicked that time is near to 1.00 PM what will happen with him?

We went to cafeteria and took lunch and finally time was 12.55 PM, and outside of cafeteria the auto had come and that guy was there, now I was in ambiguity of what to do? How to say "No" to him? I started to walk after leaving cafeteria towards hostel without staring anywhere across the way. I just completed 6 to 7 feet of distance and the person ran quickly and came to me and he started to talk rushly "Hello Sir, Now it is 1.00 PM, you promised me to give 1 unit of your blood as discussed in morning, please come, I brought auto for you, for this you do not need to pay as I already paid to him, you just came with me."

And the same time my friend Manish arrived there, he shrugged at me, what's happening, let's go to the hostel, don't waste time. And finally I replied to that guy (Sadly)"Sorry Boss, I can't come with you as my parents denied to do so as my exam is ongoing, hence please search definitely you may get other donor"

After finishing to him, I just started to walk towards hostel with my friend Manish, simultaneously he fell down on my feet and kept requesting to me that "please do come, you are only the hope for us, please don't deny my request. Please...please...."

And then it was difficult for me as I was not able to see his condition. Finally I raised him from my feet and gave him condolences upon my act on him and also showed my will for blood donation to his brother. Now the task for me was to convince Manish regarding this as he also needed to come with me to accompany me and that may also cause disturbance to his study because final exam was ongoing.

But it was amazing that Manish was easily convinced and ready to come with me to donate blood in biggest hospital located 1 km away from hostel. We were at hospital within 10 minutes, it took another 20 minutes to visit blood bank of hospital located at I think on 3rd or 4th Floor, not sure but it took lot time to access the blood bank. Finally we reached to the Blood bank, the receptionist asked us to wait for next 15 to 20 minutes, then technician had come and first time I donated blood and that was also directly for a needy patient.

After bandage, milk and biscuits, I was trying to come out from the bed, at that time that person came to me and game my shoes from his hands to directly my feet with tear filled eyes. The moment I am explaining which was so amazing rather I can say such emotional that I don't believe what wonder I have done in those minutes. Really it was wonderful creation.

Meanwhile the person (still I don't know his name) was checking something in his all pockets, and finally he found Rs 100/- note and he was offering me 100 rupees and said that this much only I can offer to you. And with the same respect I returned the same to him and told "please procure fruits for your brother from the market. Please"

Then I came back with my friend Manish, in the way between hospital and hostel Manish asked me "Does he require another unit of blood, I am also ready to give"

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