I Miss You

I Miss You

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She don't know why she woke up so early in the morning. The time was 3:45 AM . She was standing in the balcony and looking at the sky. The sky is dark with some sparks like stars on it. The world is so silent. She wants to break the silence and shout so loud to say him I MISS YOU.

She saw the sky changing into blue. It's almost 5:10 AM, I guess. she took her mobile, keys and wallet. And started her journey to beach to watch the sunrise.

She opened her dairy. There are some lines about him, some pictures are stapled there and there are still seven pages in the dairy resembling that, there are seven days to meet him again. He promised that "This time let's celebrate valentine's day together". She was little emotional but she is fine.

On the last seventh page of her dairy. She started writing some lines about herself that how much she is missing him.

When he left,

All my smiles turned into tears.

It used to be very painful being alone without him.

I could never forget him.

But Something with in kept telling me that he will come one day.

She is feeling so heavy that days are getting down and he is going to come for me.

She is present physically but her thoughts are with him.

The next day evening she went to buy a gift for him. In the watch showroom, someone shouted his name. She felt so shocked that he came before the day he promised. She turned back and saw a small kid running and her father is trying to catch him. She smiled a bit. Ofcourse, she felt disappointed.

She left from that place and went to beach to sit alone.

She gets an incoming call from an unknown number. She was not in a mood to talk so she ignored. Like a snoozer of alarm the call is just ringing repeatedly. She lifted the call and said, "Hello! Who's this?"

His: I'm the world's dirtiest mind to love this most naughtiest girl.

Her: ... ! Is that you ...?

His: Yes, my love.

Her: I just can't believe this.

His: As I promised you. I'm coming for this valentine's day and this time I'll go back after our marriage.

Her: Are you serious?

His: Yes, I am. I can't wait more ...

Her: I miss you. Come fast.

His: I miss you too. I'll be the powerful metro to reach you so fast.

She don't want to end the call. At once she felt happy that after a long time she heard his voice.

Her days run so fast with his memories. And finally the day is here Feburary 14.

Valentine's DAY.

On the day, 13th feb she didn't sleep because of that excitement and her love towards him made her spend the whole night singing songs and dancing herself. She cleaned her room, decorated with flowers and stuff. She wore his favourite dress and kept that strawberry lipstick which he loves the most when he kiss her. The time is 12:00 PM. She is trying to call him but it replies not in coverage area . She was scrolling the channels in TV. Suddenly, she stopped seeing a news channel that 40 military officers were died in Pulwama attack by Pakistan.

She was in dilemma that he is going to be safe there but somewhere she's so tensed about him. She is stopping her tears and saying herself that, "He is coming for sure, nothing was happened to him."

[ Phone rings ]

Anonymous: Hello! Is this Sharma?

Her: Yes, who's this?

Anonymous: I'm chief commander of military north- western path. This call is to inform you that your friend major ... is no more. He was died in the blast of sudden Pulwama attack. Hello! Hello!...

She was in a dilemma, with her chaos she smiled and trying to be normal but something made her feel so heavy and pain.

She saw her face in the mirror. She closed her eyes and trying to get distracted from the world and from that noice.

She took her dairy and started writing.

You promised me that you'll be my rest of my life but you left the rest of my life gifting me some tears and pain. I don't know what to do now.

I still can't believe that you are no more ...

You broke my promise. I hate you.

She saw the sky slowly cooling down in the evening. She is getting into the silence saying that, "My life turned dark with this sky and I don't believe in other day to get to have this sunshine when he left me in this dark."

She took a long breathe and started crying so loud. She kept that watch which was bought for him and said, "Baby, I can't survive in this world without you. Please, take me with you." Her eyes became red, she is in such a state that she can't breathe properly but, she is crying so hard. May be, he is so particular in listening her words. He took her with him. She left her breath and she died.

The dairy full of memories and pain. There are some unsung songs of emotions about the yearning desires and love.

Let their souls REST IN PEACE.

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