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Five Years Imprisonment Of Lost Love

Five Years Imprisonment Of Lost Love

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               PART 1: THE MEETING

Ashley was out of jail after a five long years of imprisonment. He went to his old house near Hampershire. As soon as he stepped in memories of happy days, the time he had spent with his family and friends came flashing back. But along with the sweet memories came back the reminder of where his wife and children were killed by a group gangsters and how he was trapped into the case and sentenced to five years of prison. He want to start again with a new beginning. He had nothing except the old wooden house and a mobile phone. His parents were killed in a car accident when he was still in school. Nobody had ever took care of him. Suddenly the phone rang and Ashley picked up.

"Come and meet me .I am Professor Simmons." said avoice on the the phone. Professor Simmons was eagerly waiting for Ashley at his home. Ashley was really confused.

"Why would a scientist call me?" said Ashley to himself.

He came to the professor's home. Ashley an army man, wore green belt, yellow trousers and blue T-shirt. His behavior had changed a lot after living in a prison. The professor was waiting in a set of black cloak and white pants. He offered Ashley some wine.

Professor Simmons said," I have created a Time Machine. I have worked on this project for a long period of time. I know you have not committed any crime and are innocent. I want you to get inside the machine and move to your past. Then you can come back and live your life. You can change your bad memories and live in peace if you follow my instructions."

Ashley replied," So you are sending me to the past with the help of your invention. What if it does not work properly? If anything goes wrong. Have you ever tried this machine on anyone else before?."

"No, I haven't tried it on anyone before. But believe me, everything will be fine. Don't fear at all. I am confident of my weapon. Now it all depends upon your decision. Don't you want to take revenge? Do you just want to sit back and mourn your past. Get Up and show some fighting spirit. Defeat them and come back victoriously." said Professor Simmons.

Ashley said," But there will be one more man exactly of my same face .What if he recognizes me. How will I control the gangsters who had killed my family at that point of time in front of him. What if anything at that point of time changes? "

"Nothing will happen I will watch the signals you send me. If something goes wrong just press the red button on your watch. I will bring you back automatically. I will send you from here after some time." said the professor handing him the watch on which there was a red button and digital screen to type the messages.

Ashley said," Yes, Then let’s begin."

Professor said, "But always remember turn on the watch when you need to type a message. It will be received after half an hour on my side. Don't kill the gangsters just knock them unconscious. Everything will pass on to a different time chamber if everything goes well. You will land in to a very happy state of memories that will change you. When you get back, you will feel very relaxed and can start a new life."

Ashley said, "I am ready. Let's go professor."


Professor replied," Come, Let me show you my invention."

He unwrapped the cover of the machine.  Got inside the circular machine. Like a helicopter it had three circular rods which started to move round and raise upwards. Green and yellow lights glowed inside the machine. The machine eventually stopped rotating.

Ashley came out of the machine and he hide it in a park behind a tree. He watched from the back of window that his family was enjoying their meal which his wife was cooking. He walked and looked that the gangsters have started to move inside the house. They wore a black mask and a black suite.

He ran and kicked the man who entered first, then came the second one who had grabbed his shoulder from behind. Ashley loosened his jacket and attacked his enemy with a punch. He knocked down four men on the spot. He opened their masks and watched .These were the ones who had killed his family the last time. He recalled his past memories again. He called to the police and told them to pick the gangsters up.

No noise went inside the house and every one enjoyed a happy meal. Ashley realized that the danger has gone and he wanted to get back. Many men came from behind and watched that their gang members were down. They attacked Ashley. Ashley ran so that they could follow him and get away from the house.

But Ashley saw his clone opening the door, kissing his wife and coming out.

"No don't come out you fool." said he to the clown.

Ashley wore the black mask of the gangsters and ran towards the house again to save his family. He knocked many of them down and watched his younger clone looking at him fighting.

Ashley tried to stop his clone from coming towards him. He loved his body and his appearance. They both started fighting each other. His clone was somehow very weak because Ashley had a good fighting experience in prison. He ran away inside an old museum where a door were closed. Ashley opened it.

His clone said," Wait, who are you? You look exactly like me. I won't hurt you. Just pull your mask and show me your face."

Ashley replied looking back," I was your future. I came here to save you and your family. All is good I have done my job. Now I want to return back. "

The other one said," I also want to come with you. Is it possible? "

"No Just go back. My life is hell. Don't get into it.", said Ashley. But before he could try to make him understand, his clone took his watch. He ran inside the machine in the park and pressed the red button. The machine vanished.


Ashley was surprised, he didn't want to give him the watch. Now he was trapped, and thought would the clone even come back or not?

On the other side younger Ashley, the clone met the professor and got to know the whole story. Professor Simmons told him that he can get back after five days because machine required time for recovery.

Professor was worried that something terrible might happen to them. The clone returned back. He watched the older one in his house. He had taken care of everything and everyone in the house. Even Office was acquired by him.

Suddenly in a park they both met. "I want my life back. Take this watch and go back." requested the clone. Ashley was surprised.

"I told you not to play games. I also want to live here with the family. Just go back right now or I will kill you. I was in prison for five years and you came back in five days." said Ashley. He wore a blue - black shirt which his wife gave him today on their anniversary.

"I am not going anywhere." said the younger Ashley.

They fought with each other. Ashley had made up his mind to end it forever. He forgot everything and punched his clone. He picked up a heavy rock and slammed on his head. Eventually the elder Ashley killed his clone. He felt ashamed. Ashley lived happily with the family. Her wife, children and office men couldn't even recognize who the person is. Professor Simmons couldn't do anything. Ashley with his memories of prison lived with his family after five long years. Ashley buried his own past and his own clone in the graveyard.

He picked up the digital watch and sent a message, " Do anything you can professor. I will not come back. You can send anyone to kill me. Thanks a lot. Wishing you all the love. All the best for your future."

The 71 year old Professor couldn't control his anger and drank wine. Ashley got back in time and lived his life with his family happily ever after.






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