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"Rach! Pete's here."

"Coming mom!", I said.

It wasn't every morning when Pete came home for the breakfast. We had to go and shop for my sister's surprise birthday party. Pete is my sister Lara's boyfriend. She has gone over to nanny's house in Amsterdam because that's where her college is and she will be coming back home on Sunday.

I wore my favourite black top which said "I love you" and came running downstairs and stumbled on the last step.

I try to act cool when I am around Pete but I just cannot, I can feel my pulse in my collarbone, I can of breathe and my heart almost breaks my rib cage. Yes, I love him!

"Here comes the bacon.", mom

"Oh, I love them Mrs. Baker. I missed them so much in hostel." Pete said.

"What are you staring at Rach? Come sit and eat." Pete said.

I cannot describe what my heart does when he winks.

We left at 12 noon and drove all around the city buying stuff. I and Pete were sitting in Cafe elemte while Mom was off at a gift shop. I was randomly playing with my hands and Pete was watching me all this time, silently.

"Here is your cappuccino Sir and Mam." Waiter came.

"Umm... Thank you" Pete said.

"So what's up with you Rach? Any love stories? Any crush?"

Heart said "Pete! Pete! Pete! Pete!" and mind was like "Cmon, Shut up!"


Finally it is 18th December. Lara is home and its her birthday. Everyone came over in the evening. We danced, sang, played 'TDS', but a part of me was still missing. Almost everyone left.

He came. Lara passed out so I took her to the bedroom and told Pete that I am sorry.

Under the clear blue sky with diamonds studded in the sky, I and Pete walked around for a while.

Pete broke the silence "I am leaving tomorrow. I don't know when I will come back or even if I will come back." He was quite serious and broke. "I haven't told anyone yet but I will be in Milan for the next 5 years as they say."

"I will miss you. In fact we all will miss you. All the best for your career."

It was unexpected yet expected.

He said nothing. He just took my hands and we kissed. I knew that it was wrong but I didn't stop.

We kissed for like eternity. It was the best goodbye.

"I love you"

"I love you"

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