My Handwriting

My Handwriting

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When I was in first standard my handwriting was horrible and the teachers couldn’t understand my handwriting, sometimes even my parents were not able to follow what I have written.

One day my sister came to my house and she was writing something for her class project. I wondered how her hand writing was so beautiful. I whispered in my mind that I too wanted such a beautiful handwriting but it was sad that people could hardly understand. I inquired how she learnt to write so well. She replied to me that even her handwriting was also bad and one day she requested her parents to bring her some cursive writing books. Once she had the books she practiced using them and her handwriting improved to a great extent.

I thought for a while and got an idea that I too could get some cursive writing books and practice.

I came to know from my mother that in a few months’ time my grandparents were coming to visit me. Whenever I asked them to bring something they would surely get. So, this time I decided to ask them for books in place of chocolates.

When my grandparents came they brought writing books with them. Upon receiving them I began to practice one hour every day and my hand writing began to improve.

I then reached in standard two and when my English teacher was writing on the board I tried to copy the same in my note book. I realized that my handwriting had considerably improved. I started to get appreciations from teachers for my handwriting. Soon I had the best handwriting in my whole class. The teacher upon seeing my handwriting offered me to write a script for the school play and the same was liked by everyone.

Now I was in Class three and I continued to practice every day. My class teacher would take my note books and show it to students of other classes as an example of good writing. Back home my parents also started appreciating my handwriting and encouraged me to write.

Now I was in Class four and in school once there was an English handwriting competition. I stood first in the competition and received a prize from the School principal. My handwriting had improved so much that now I could write as beautifully as my sister.

I enjoyed writing so much that I began to write stories.

I have learnt from this experience that hard work and dedication is required to achieve success and praise.

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